Convert Business Card Into Contacts With Free Business Cards Reader App For Android

Convert Business Card Into Contacts With Free Business Cards Reader App For Android


Most business cards you get never observe the light of day. You leave a tradeshow or a gathering with a pocketful of cards, supposing "I should do something with these cards sooner or later" Your choices are limited: put in a couple of hours physically feeding them into your database, experience the inconvenience of employing somebody to do it for you, purchase a costly business card scanner to scan the cards (and another to coordinate it with your arrangement of all the data), store them in a haphazard manner or take a photo of them. Or on the other hand, you can do nothing at all. Leave those cards in your pocket to gather dust and eventually get lost. You can make your life easy by downloading Bizconnectus free business card reader app for android

Imagine a scenario in which you can store those business cards into your digital record with a couple of taps of your thumb, so you could proceed with saving those contacts over your phones — email, calls, gatherings, and all the rest — no manual transcription, additional workers, or costly applications required. All can be done free of cost by downloading these applications from Play Store of your smartphones. With the help of these free applications, you can save as many contacts you want without much hassle.

You will be shocked to know that there are many business card scanner apps on the Play store free of cost which is enabling many business personals and salespersons to store business cards digitally in their smartphones. AI or artificial intelligence controls these applications. Changing your cards into advanced contacts has never been simpler.

Some of the feature of business cards apps

These scanners sync your data with multiple cloud solutions, Ms Excel, Outlook, PDF Reader or more, so you can never lose them in case you lose or change your mobile phones.

1.    Constant Scanning Mode - you can catch scan more than one business cards at one time and save them into your phone contact list or on the application itself.

2.    Real-Time Border Detection - right away make JPEG examines with best in class automated border detection.

3.    Advanced Image Processing - improve the quality of each scan and also provides editing options, for example, brightness, various filters or add more data manually.

4.    Compose Subtitles and Add Writings to Photographs or PDFs - markup your filtered records and PDFs with a lot of editing options.

5.    Batch handling of scans – with a single command converts multiple scans at one time.

You can try out various business card reader apps from the Play Store, if you like them you can install the paid version of it to unlock more features. These apps are easy to use, reliable, and have accurate contact management.