The Importance Of Animation In Video Marketing: And Why Your Comapany Need It?

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Video as a marketing tool is becoming increasingly popular, and just as important. In this blog post you can learn more about why visual marketing is becoming more and more essential compared to text marketing. Because of these trends, an explanatory video with animation is an excellent wa

Why a marketing video?

 This video format increases your sales, and the video can of course, also clearly display your product information. For this reason, explanatory videos boost your sales and ensure that customers who have seen such a video are more likely to buy your product. If you want to learn more about explainer videos yourself, read our blog post about it.

Why Animation?

Now let's explain why you should choose Animation over live-action for your video.


1. Your product is challenging to explain, showcase, or sell in a standard video format.


In Animation, it is much easier to explain complicated content or processes.


And besides, you can. Furthermore, Animation's main advantage over a real video can visualize all the product's information using Animation. As in this video, for example, for Intract Pharma. 


2. Lively animated characters in explanatory videos can be breathtakingly drawn and evoke strong emotions.


That is why such videos can create an extraordinary atmosphere that takes the audience's breath away and catches their attention. When a story is told in a simple, engaging, and positive way, viewers are more likely to remember the information shared.


Besides, explanatory videos that are animated are less perceived as marketing tools. This is why people like to watch videos so much - because they don't feel bombarded by advertising in videos as much as in classic marketing variants. These images are from our video for Avocats. be. 


3. Animation doesn't just have to have scripts.


In an animated explanatory video, the character can do anything you want, no matter where! You can fly, dance, sing and you can choose the clothes too! Of course, this can happen at any time and place in world history.


This ensures that your story and your video are presented uniquely. An ideal product presentation! And that's exactly what we wanted for our video on the creation process. 


Watch English subtitles animation video for free


To summarize, you can quickly bring complex information to the customer by using an animated explainer video. You can create breathtaking videos that arouse emotions in the audience. And in addition to all of that, you also boost your sales.