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Most prefer laser hair removal at home than visiting the clinic, as it will cost less and also it will save a lot of time.

Most prefer laser hair removal at home than visiting the clinic, as it will cost less and also it will save a lot of time.


If you are buying a home-based laser machine than visiting a nearby laser clinic then it would be a good idea to consider. If you have a goof laser machine, then you can do laser hair removal at home. But the safety and efficacy of the laser machine are very important, as there are a lot of products available in the market which may cause damage to your skin.


There are a lot of methods available to remove unwanted hair from your body, but the most and effective method is laser hair removal treatment. This can be done both at home and in a laser clinic, if you prefer laser hair removal at home then it will save your money and time. If you prefer the laser clinic, then you will get professional laser help.

Hair removal at home Vs Laser hair removal clinic:

There are a lot of differences between laser hair removal at home and laser hair removal at the clinic. When it comes to professional help, the experts will have a lot of experience and knowledge in the subject. So, they will make a careful move before jumping into the laser procedure. And they are aware of the different laser equipment, so they know in which areas they need to be targeted. But you need to spend a lot of time in the laser clinic, and also you need to pay more to make the treatment effective.

When it comes to laser hair removal at home, the equipment you handle will be simple and consists of a lot of features. Initially, if you are new to the handling of laser equipment then you will face certain difficulties. But once you get to know about the product and treatment, the laser treatment at home can be done quickly and easily. And the best part about this is, it is very much affordable, and it is one of the good investments for the future.

Whatever the treatment is, either home or professional, the laser hair removal treatment will give effective results as it will dormant the growth of the hair follicles, and will give permanent results.  

Pros and Cons of laser hair removal at home Vs laser clinic:

Both laser hair removal at home and laser at the clinic will give effective and long-lasting results. But anyone method will provide more beneficial results when compared to the other. Here is the major difference between laser hair removal at home and laser hair removal clinics.


The power of the professional laser machine will be high, so the output of the machine will be effective and long-lasting.

If you prefer a laser machine at home, then the power of the machine will be intermediate and the result will not be effective like a professional device. But you can increase the number of the treatment, and also even you can prefer frequent sessions to get long-lasting results. In recent time, there is a lot of laser hair removal machine has been introduced, which will give results equivalent to the professional machine.   

Working procedure

When it comes to the working procedure, both the machine will follow the different concepts. The professional machine will destroy the key area, where the hair follicle growth is effective. This will helps to damage the hair follicle which can be done in one session, and this result in long-lasting smooth results.

The home devices will be less powerful, but they will give effective results and this will take some time. In the initial stage, it will cause hair removal but that is temporary, and the hair growth will start in few weeks. For the permanent results, it will take some time, and you need to do double the session.


The intensity of the professional machine will be higher, so you will get effective results in a shorter time. Even though the professional machine has higher intensity, you need multiple sessions so that permanent hair removal can be accomplished.

When it comes to the home-based laser machine, the intensity of the machine will be low and it will take quite some time even for a smaller area. But the effect will be the same as a professional machine; only the session time will get differed. But at home, you don’t need to schedule the appointments, as you can do the treatment at home whenever it is possible for you.  


Targeted areas

When it comes to the professional machine, they have wide knowledge of the machine and the laser concepts. So, they know to use the machine based on their customer’s skin types, and also they will target more areas at a time.

The home-based machine should be used carefully, and before using it you should be aware of the procedures and rules.


In some professional treatment, the experts will use an anesthetic to reduce the pain so that they can target more areas, and also can take shorter sessions.

But in the home-based laser treatment, the pain can be tolerated as you can able to reduce the intensity of the machine. But you need to take some extra sessions to get the desired results.

Bottom Line:

Laser treatment is one of the best treatments when it comes to removing your unwanted hair, and also it will be less painful when compared to the other hair removal methods. So, both laser hair removal at home and hair removal at laser clinic will be the best choice. If you want effective results in a shorter time, then you can prefer laser hair removal at the clinic. If you want to save a lot of time and money, then you can go for laser hair removal at home.