The Manifestation Mindset

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Every day for the next 11 days read through this Manifestation Mindset.

Each day, if one stands out to youManifestation Code System Reviewwrite about it in your journal. It will be your opportunity to grow and move through the illusions and blocks that stop you manifesting the Best Life Ever. If you find none of them stand out to you, then pick one at random and write about it the same. Remember manifestation like any spiritual practice can always be taken to the next level. The choice is always yours, stay where you are or rev it up a gear!

Trust that you create everything in your life, no exception, your destiny is in your heart and in your hands.You are the only one responsible for your own life, as others are for their own life too, so you decide what is going to happen.Abundance is your birthright, claim it or lose it.
Spend time daily nurturing your dream, the one in your heart, this is your passion.
You plan and take action to make your dream so.

You do not perceive something as a success or failure, you see instead as all part of pursuing your dream.You communicate your dream but you do not seek approval for your dream.Once you have the dream, you give it energy but you stop tinkering with it and surrender it to Divine Will and act as if it has already happened (or even better has happened).