Casual and Critical Essays

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Casual and Critical Essays Writing Tips

Casual Essay – A Strange Name for a Simple and Funny Task

Writing a casual essay is always a complex task even for those students who are proficient in dealing with writing different kinds of essays that is why some of them using an essay assistance when writing a casual essay. The very title of a casual essay is often puzzling people because it is really rather unpopular and rare. So, what should a person include in a casual essay? How is a casual essay written for a good mark? What is the range of possible topics that can be taken for a casual essay?
These are the questions that worry all students without any exception, since all of them want to receive high grades, thus doing their best in writing. If you are one of those who have faced the trouble of writing a casual essay, stop worrying – we have all answers to your questions, and you will see this from the present article.

Topics for Discussion in a Casual Essay

• A casual essay represents an alternative viewpoint on some situation, process or field of study – it does not subdue to any canons of writing in the specific area, and is also considered to be an informal essay, but not from the point of view of language but from the point of view of a free style of writing;
• The key to success of a casual essay is to make it unique, original and funny – it may involve you in a discussion of the literary work with its main characters, or visiting a certain city in the Medieval age and discussing your immediate experience; it may also start from the most incredible imaginary situation in which you will discover some unexpected, new elements and will arrive at a thoughtful yet humoristic conclusion.
• Casual essay writing is not an easy task to fulfill because it is not enough to know the subject about which you are going to write – it is vital to find the alternative approach to this subject and to show your extraordinary thoughts in it.

Critical Essays: Detached Evaluation of Books and Articles

Many students perceive the meaning of the word “critical” from the negative angle. However, it is not always so. Indeed, to criticize one’s work means to evaluate its strengths and weaknesses, the author’s main points and its value for society. According to the experts from essay writing and engineering help service it is not only the analysis of the content but it is also an estimation of the structure and reliability of sources. Therefore, writing critical essays is not an easy matter.

What does a critical essay includes?

1. First of all, a critical essay should begin with the overview of the author’s main ideas and intensions, namely the main thesis and theme of a book or an article. Here you should also mention the explicit ideas that were included into the book, as they are can turn out to be the leading point of you further evaluation.
2. Once you interpret the leading issues of the work in a critical essay, go ahead with assessing them and including your own opinion on this term. However, you should also be able to assess the author’s consistent presentation of facts and their relevance to the main thesis of the paper. Critical essays grant you a brilliant opportunity to provide your own unique opinion on a genius work.
3. Once your critical essay is ready, you are free to reread the material for critical analysis and improve your essay. This will be the first evaluative draft.
4. When everything is corrected, it is high time to write an impressive critical essay.

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What should be born in mind when writing critical essays?

1. The main function of critical essays lies in an informative representation of facts, as it retells the most prominent ideas of a particular work.
2. A critical essay is a sophisticated combination of feelings and facts. Hence, each idea of the text should be supported by your own persuasive appraisal.