5 Tips to Improve UX Design for Effective Digital Marketing Strategies!

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Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and User experience design or UX designs go hand in hand when it comes to enhancing the website traffic, and user experience’s on a website.

It can be said that one is dependent the other for enhancing the effectiveness of a company’s digital marketing tactics.

For instance, a search engine optimised website with top-notch UX design is more likely to generate organic traffic, reduce bounce rate and convert leads into potential sales.

Since UX design plays a vital role in strategising and creating effective content; here are a few ways of improving your website’s UX design for enhancing digital marketing strategies.



  1. User-friendly layout

Megh Rosoff, “The average attention span of the modern human being is about half as long as whatever you are attempting to tell them.” – Which makes is vital for a website developer to lay more importance on the User Interface (UI) design. Such a design is concerned with the icons, font, shapes, infographics and colour palette of a website.

A well-strategised UI design makes a website user-friendly and enhances its appeal; which is why website developers should work on the presentation of their website to gain and hold on to their target’s attention. Clear fonts, attractive fonts, catchy texts and embedded videos go a long way for enhancing the UI of a website.

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  1. Page Load Time

One of the potent digital marketing strategies for boosting a website’s conversion rate is by increasing its speed. As per reports, more than 47% of the internet users tend to leave a website in the event it takes over 2-3 seconds to load.

By using a trustworthy host, a dependable content delivery network and compressed image resolutions, a website’s page load time can be accelerated to a considerable extent.

  1. Mobile Experience

As per current reports, more than 52% of website traffic is generated through the mobile phone. The numbers indicate that companies should make it a point to work on the mobile-friendly design of their website.

In the event, a company’s website is not responsive on mobiles; they lose out on a big chunk of potential leads. The mobile version of company websites should be simple and convenient to use without compromising on the aesthetic value of the same.

  1. Navigation

A website should be designed in such a way that users do not think the process of accessing information on the website tedious or cumbersome.

A company website should display vital information and icons of the menu clearly to help users navigate through pages easily and access the information they intended to look for in the first place.

Adding a synchronised menu, relevant headings and suitable keywords would enhance the experience of navigating through a website.

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  1. Meta Tags

Meta Tags like - URLs, Title tags and Meta descriptions are vital when it comes to strategising the content of a website and boost its ranking on the SERP.

An appropriate title tag and precise meta description helps grab target’s attention and increases their scope of generating more website traffic. Similarly, a correct URL also plays a potent role in strategising digital marketing content. As it helps search engine recognise the content of a webpage and facilitates indexing of the same.

Besides these basic tips, there are numerous other ways of enhancing a website’s UX design for developing sound strategies for content marketing. For instance, companies can seek the assistance of professional SEO content writing and developing agencies and improve the UX quality of their website.