Herbal Remedies That Work Best For Dry Cough

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If you suffer from frequent or persistent dry cough, you might be interested in knowing the best herbal medicine for dry cough.

If you suffer from frequent or persistent dry cough, you might be interested in knowing the best herbal medicine for dry cough. The treatment you choose should relieve your symptoms, relieve your cough's signs and effects (such as nasal congestion), and improve your overall health. There are several herbs that can be effective in treating your cough. Each has a different way of dealing with this common ailment. Some of these herbs can even be used in combination to treat the illness more completely.

If you're looking for an effective treatment, you may want to try an herb called Boswellia. This herb has been used traditionally as a cough suppressant. It has effective anti-inflammatory and anti-cough properties. However, when taken as a dietary supplement, it is believed to have additional beneficial effects, as well. It also has the ability to heal damaged lungs.

Echinacea is also another herb that can be effective in relieving your symptoms. It contains catechins that act as antioxidants. In fact, they also reduce inflammation and mucous membrane activity. Echinacea has a strong aroma, (khansi ka ilaj) so mixing a few teaspoons with warm water while drinking can help it smell more pleasant. However, this tea is not recommended to be consumed with sugar since it can cause a raised level of blood sugar.

Astragalus is another herb that can be very useful in treating your colds. It has natural anti-inflammatory properties that will relieve your mucous membrane symptoms. You can take a teaspoon of the herb and drink two cups of water. You may also crush five drops of it and mix them with a glass of water. You may not need to drink the mixture directly after mixing it, as it will easily dissolve.

Rhododendron is also known to treat sinusitis and other bronchial problems. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also very useful in curing your cough. If you want to relieve your chest discomfort, you can take a few capsules of this herb and take it twice daily.

Although Stinging Nettles are not considered to be a medicine at all, they are considered to be herbal remedies. It is a great way to alleviate your symptoms. Just boil some plant leaves in a cup of hot water and add honey to the mixture. Drink the mixture several times each day until the symptoms disappear.

When it comes to treating your sinusitis and rhinitis, you can also use Black Cohosh tea. This tea is effective in reducing inflammation on the mucous membrane. It is very good at reducing the burning sensation that you feel on your face upon having an attack. However, it should not be taken without diluting the tea with something.

These are just some of the best herbal medicines for dry cough. They can be used according to your preference and the symptoms that you experience. If you want to make sure that you will get effective results, you can try to use them together with your usual medication. Make sure that you have discussed your concerns with your doctor.

Other than these remedies, there are also other natural herbal medicines for your condition. In general, if your cough does not seem to improve with the above treatments, then you can try using burdock. This herb is very effective in soothing your mucous membrane. This is the reason why this herb is regarded as one of the best herbal medicine for dry cough. Burdock can be ingested in the form of teas or capsules. However, if you do not like the taste of burdock in any form, you can just grind it and make an infusion.

Echinacea is another excellent herb for relieving yourself from this condition. The main purpose of taking echinacea is to boost your immunity system so that it can better fight off the virus that causes a dry cough. It has an amazing healing effect on your mucous membrane that eases inflammation and reduces pain. It can be taken in its whole form or in parts. (khushk khansi ka ilaj) You can opt to purchase echinacea in capsule or extract juice form.

For children, Cayenne pepper can be taken as a remedy. It has properties that protect the mucous membrane against bacteria and viruses that are damaging the membranes. Peppermint tea is another popular home remedy for children suffering from this condition. It relieves cough and strengthens the respiratory system. To relieve the irritating symptoms, you can boil a handful of sage leaves and drink them. It is said to work like cough syrup.

These herbal remedies are very helpful when you suffer from this condition. Make sure you eat a healthy diet and exercise regularly to keep your body strong. Try out some of these remedies and see the difference. If you think that any of the remedies mentioned above are not helping you in any way, you can ask your doctor for prescription medications.