16 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright During Public Speaking

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16 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright During Public Speaking

16 Ways to Overcome Stage Fright During Public Speaking - There are two kinds of people in the world:  those who are frightened stiff at the thought of it and  those who love speaking in public.

Performance anxiety and phase phobia are completely normal phenomena that many people have.

It is essential for you to comprehend what stage fright is, so that you can fully overcome it.

Stage fright or performance anxiety is a persistent phobia which is stimulated in a person when required to perform before a group of people.

So when you are speaking in public, how will you overcome the stage fear?

In this article you view the how you reduce overcome stage fright during public speaking.

Know Your Stuff

Nothing will stop stage fright in it’s holding tracks like being prepared. Know your content, your speech and all the more critically your audience. If you know what you are talking about then you have no reason to be nervous.

Understanding your topic will empower you to talk all the more normally and hence more confidently. Also, should a specialized hitch happen, this won't bother you as you are now sure regarding the  subject..

Practice, Practice, Practice

Knowing your stuff helps, however it doesn't really destroy the issue. You have to practice as much as you can before the performance or public speaking d-day.

Really know your content inside out and practice  as much as possible to build your confidence.

Talk Yourself Down

You have to understand that despite the fact that stage fright is “all in the mind,” the fear shows itself in physical ways. The best offense is to change your negative talk. "What if I forget the content?"

Change it in a positive way, like "What if I'm pretty good at this?"  It might sound simplistic or excessively simple, yet positive affirmation will go far in reducing stage fright when speaking in public.

Wallow in the Worst

If you can't quiet yourself down with positive talk, then maybe it is time you thought about the worst case scenario. When you do this, you'll understand that the most dire outcome scenario isn’t really that terrible. This may help quiet your nerves.

Visualize the Outcome

Call it what you will: visualization, reflection, meditation. Whatever you call it, just do it. Spend time visualizing yourself giving a perfect presentation and speaking in public – filled with warmth, confidence, humor, and intelligence.

The more you imagine being great, the more probable you will accomplish it.


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It is Not All About You

Though you may feel like everybody is out to laugh, criticize or judge you, that isn't the situation. Get over the feeling that the world is going to  hold tight your every mistake.

Focus on your speech, audience and the way they deserve from you. This will reduce the pressure which is already accumulating.

When Things go Wrong

Sooner or later, something will turn out badly. Your projector or microphone may quit working. If you already know your content, then it is likely that it does not stray you like that.

If,  for example,  your microphone quits working, don't worry over it, continue with a more louder voice. Chances are the technical people are now focusing and attempting to deal with the issue, so you getting stressed over a similar issue won't help.

Don’t rush your presentation.  Begin slow and allow yourself opportunity to get into a comfortable pace. You need time to get used to the audience and the audience also needs time to become used to you.

Focus on Getting Through the First 5 Minutes

Imagine your whole presentation is only 5 minutes long. This will make it less stressful. Concentrate on simply overcoming the initial 5 minutes and by this time you will have already calmed down and the rest is downhill.

Never Apologize for Being Nervous

Three quarters of the time, nobody will see you are nervous. Why tell them? You can feel yourself shivering and trembling, but your audience can not know about it.

Don’t mention it. It will make your audience nervous too and  they will be too stressed over your performance to get much out of your presentation.



Don’t Share Your Mistakes

You prepared, practiced and felt good about your speech or presentation.

Suddenly, on stage you realize you mixed the order of topics or you forgot an essential point. But remember, you're the special case who thinks about this. Your audience doesn’t. So,  don't commit them mindful of an error that they didn't know existed. If you bring it up, a few people may begin searching for more gaps, which eventually diverts from the entire reason for your  presentation in the first place.


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Arrive Early

Obviously, if you are late, this will just increase your anxiety. Arrive before and acclimate to your surroundings. You can also be used to check the stage and auditorium yourself as the environment.


If you are nervous,  chances are your body will be solid and your muscles tight. Fifteen minutes before public speaking and going to the stage, do a few stretches.

It will relax the stressful muscles and relax your body.


Nervousness is  constantly joined by quick, short breaths and if this isn't addressed, it will throw you off balance.  Minutes before you go in front of an audience, take some moderate, deep breaths, so that by the time you get to the stage your breathing is relaxed.

Double Check Everything

Do you have a laptop or notes? Watch that everything works. When you stroll in front of an audience and all of a sudden understand that you forgot your notes, it’s too late. Obviously, your nerves will take over. Know your speech or presentation so well that should this occur, you can proceed easily.

Do not Fight Your Stage fright ... Work With It

You need to expect and accept the fact that you will feel anxious, particularly the first few minutes of your presentation.The more you oppose your nervousness, the more it will neutralize you.  Again, focus on the presentation while speaking publicly and worry will gradually get away.


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