The 5 Best Things About Huawei Mate 30 Pro

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What's up guys MIRAJ here from ANYTHINGLOPRIZE Reviews So here is a quick look at the Huawei Mate 30 Pro in Emerald Green now this smartphone is absolutely beautifully designed the screen curves around the edges to an amazing 88 degrees and I'm very pleased to tell you that t

What's up guys  MIRAJ here from ANYTHINGLOPRIZE  Reviews So here is a quick look at the Huawei Mate 30 Pro in Emerald Green now this smartphone is absolutely beautifully designed the screen curves around the edges to an amazing 88 degrees and I'm very pleased to tell you that there are no issues with accidental touches on the sides while we have done an amazing job with the design of this screen and if we quickly bring in the p30 Pro this is how they fare side by side now both phones feel quite similar in the hands but of course the mate 30 Pro has squared edges as opposed to rounded and there are no bezels at all on the sides of the mate 30 Pro now let's talk about that impressive screen on the mate 30 Pro now you have a 6.6 to flex OLED display with a screen resolution of 2400 by 1176 and there are virtually no bezels on the sides and the head and the chin are only four point eight millimeters the notch has also been reduced from the make twenty series down to twenty six point six millimeters now the mate thirty pros curved edges or horizon display as they're calling it has invisible virtual dual sided buttons for volume and even the power button is pushed a little back to accommodate that screen now this smartphone is absolutely feature packed  with the very best hardware and software running the latest Android version 10 with e Mui 10 on top now the huawei mate 30 pro is powered by the brand new Kirin 990 chipset with dual 5g SIM support and you have 8 gigs of RAM with 256 gigs of internal storage and this device is priced at 1199 euros let me know what you guys think of the pricing so emui is slick and fast but this time around there were no Google Apps so I had to try and open the hawawa app gallery store to see if I was able to download any Google apps directly from there so my search of Google brought me to a few familiar apps you got Google wear OS Firefox Google language but that's about it there was no Google Play Store Gmail or YouTube and you can still run Gmail and

YouTube from the web browser or just download the AP and install it yourself which is not going to be a simple task for the average consumer now quickly talk about the cameras this device has an amazing quad camera setup consisting of a 14 megapixel wide 14 megapixel ultra wide 8 megapixel telephoto and a 3d depth sensor now the camera can shoot up to 4k at 60 frames per second with optical image stabilization and the camera takes slow motion to another level not seen before on a smartphone so you can do up to a maximum of 7680 frames per second slo-mo and as you can see from my example it's absolutely incredible now on the front you have a 32 megapixel white and another 3d depth sensor this smartphone has loud stereo speakers NFC IR blaster USB 3.1 and ip68 certification furthermore fast charging is also now even faster you have your super fast wired charging at 40 watts you now have super fast wireless charging at an amazing 27 watts and if that's not enough you have three times faster reverse wireless charging so that was my very quick first look hands-on video of the new hawawa mate 30 pro and at this stage I can certainly say I'm absolutely loving the design of this handset the phone has an absolutely beautiful horizon curved display like we've not seen before and the camera module on the back is actually not bad in person it actually looks pretty cool now the phone is very fast and snappy in operation I did get an opportunity to test out some pop G mobile HD and the gameplay was buttery smooth now definitely need more time with the smartphone and I do look forward to receiving my review unit very soon do let me know what you would like to see or know about the mate 30 pro and I will certainly get it done for you guys in the next ARTICLE READ MORE