Tricks Real Estate Agents Use On Homeowners

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If your house isn't selling or your estate agent isn't doing their job, you may be wondering if it's time to switch agencies, particularly if you need to sell your home fast Tulsa. We do not advise you to make any hasty decisions.

It is, however, beneficial to study some of the tricks used by real estate agents when selling a house. Several of the agent's tactics are useful to homeowners, but there are also real estate pitfalls to be aware of.

Tricks played by real estate agents

Some of the excuses used by real estate agents when they haven’t sold your property:

  1. “The economy has been very sluggish and there is so much confusion in the air.”
  2. “Now is not the time to sell. In a few months, things could ramp up.”
  3. “Due to the inclement weather, everybody has opted to sit at home rather than attend the viewings.”
  4. “Your existing tenants are discouraging potential buyers.”

These justifications can be true at times. For instance, you should always consider whether you properly prepared your home for viewings. It is important, though, that you do not merely nod in agreement with anything they say. There are certainly some real estate tricks to be aware of. Do your research.

When considering changing your real estate agent, consider the following questions:

  1. What other properties in the city have sold recently?
  2. Who is the person in charge of your home?
  3. Have they been truthful to you, and are they being truthful to potential tulsa home buyers?

Why do real estate brokers make up excuses like these?

They have been known to totally forget their appointments. It is better for them to lie than to apologize. Other times, they are late because of a previous viewing or paperwork is taking longer than scheduled. It's quite possible that they wanted the extra fifteen minutes to get a bite to eat – these are just a couple of the tricks used by real estate brokers!

It's not really your home, the economy, or the tenants that are the problem. It might be that real estate agents aren't on time, that they've been caught lying, or that it's just their attitude.

What to do if a real estate agent tries to deceive you?

First and foremost, be alert. Of course, you must still be courteous. If you keep calling the office or being a 'needy' owner, it could get worse. However, you may inquire and do your own investigation. You must visit the agent who will be representing your house to check that they are the best fit.

Is it time to switch real estate agents?

If you have suspicions that the estate agent is acting unethically, the first move is to speak with them. However, if they lied once, they are likely to lie again. Take their answer with a grain of salt as a whole. If you feel like proceeding with the agent, see if you can come to any mutually acceptable terms.

If their dishonest behavior persists or you lose faith in them, it might be time to switch agents. This is especially true if your home has been on the market for a long time. In certain cases, sellers are no longer confident in the agency as a whole. There are other solutions available that do not necessitate the use of an agent to find the ideal buyer.

You might, for example, market the property yourself and escape the tricks used by real estate brokers. When selling your house fast Tulsa without the help of a seller, you have a few choices. You might, for example, put your house up for sale. You may even sell your house using a "we buy any home" scheme. However, be wary of frauds.