When You Meet A 'Bigg Boss' Fan, Here's What Goes Through Your Head

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Following are a few thoughts that go through my head every time I speak to a BB enthusiast, based on personal experience

We don't come across people who brag about not watching Bigg Boss every day. However, we do come across a lot of people looking for people to talk to about the previous night's show. I have no link to Bigg Boss because I haven't watched it except for a few scenes while scrolling through channels.

Despite the fact that the immensely famous show is covered by television outlets, web news portals, and entertainment dailies, some people, like me, never got around to seeing it. Read about Bigg Boss 15 Watch Online.

Following are a few thoughts that go through my head every time I speak to a BB enthusiast, based on personal experience:

1. Why watch this masaledaar drama when there's something else to watch on the internet?

Only the fact that you were born Indian and your life is already full of drama should be enough to steer clear of this show. My extended family has enough drama to last us at least 25 seasons. This is why I always find myself putting on my headphones and binge-watching the next episode on every popular video service.

2. I'm hoping they're aware that this is a planned scene.

Despite being married for x years, some actors did not simply peck the other actor on the cheek—this is part of the story! Man, the show is in desperate need of TRP. When millions of dollars are at stake, nothing runs on trials, glitches, and hits and misses.

3. Do you know what Sacred Games, Queer Eye, or Fleabag are?

Not to be snobbish, but a good TV addiction should include some Bigg Boss and an insightful program or two, just like a healthy diet should include a balance of pizzas and dals.

4. There are enough parking battles in my neighborhood for me to love seeing someone compete over eggs on TV.

Outside the door, fight for parking, and come inside and watch someone yell at the TV for not having their daily dose of eight eggs. Sis, I'd just bang my head against the wall and fall asleep.

5. Laughing at Salman Khan's rudeness and issues is not my cup of tea.

Salman Khan either doesn't reflect until he talks or he's reading from a script, but he's a major stumbling block when it comes to judging the program. I'm not interested in looking for reasons to be insulted before bedtime. My harmony is what I cherish.

6. What kinds of discussions do you have with your fellow BB fans after a show?

“Do you think Gauhar Khan and Kushal Tandon will tie the knot?” “Siddharth Shukla ne zabardasti uski comb chupai (Siddharth deliberately hid the comb)” and other similar debates that would have little or no impact on their own lives or the broadcast!

7. Did they just suggest it's a look at the human mind and how they act in confined spaces?

No, sis, see point number two; it's heavily scripted.

8. Me: I'm not going to watch it even though anyone gives me a million dollars for it.

Apart from the monthly rental fee, I wouldn't even pay to view my favorite Netflix film. Or I might only watch one season for a crore.