Internal & External On-site Preparation for Commercial Painters Adelaide

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Have you finalized the contract with Commercial Painters Adelaide? Once everything is set, now you should make the basic preparations for their arrival.

Have you finalized the contract with commercial painters Adelaide? Once everything is set, now you should make the basic preparations for their arrival. How can your team and internal facilities handle the work? What if the expectations of the commercial painter get fulfilled or not? Do you know about some internal and external onsite preparation for that? Here are some tips.

Internal Preparation

  • Clean the walls: You should make the walls available before professional painters arrive at your place. It could be pictures, photographs, nails, hooks, or anything else. All electric switches or light shades should be covered. Even if you remove everything, painters may need something else. Hence, ask the painter about it before the work begins.
  • Clean the furniture: All furniture and equipment need to be removed out from the room. If you cannot remove something, then make sure you cover it fully. Use a plastic sheet or anything. Some commercial painter provides drop sheets to cover furniture.
  • Repair if something is damaged: If the surface has holes, cracks, or any other structural defect, then you have to repair it before the painting is done. Sometimes, painters include repair in their scope of work. Of course, they charge for it. If it is not included in repair work, then you have to do it.
  • Dusting is important: Accumulation of dust is inevitable. Once you move everything out of the room, it is essential to move the dust because it may ruin the new paint job. Dust all surfaces, floors, and walls with a damp cloth. Vacuum the area to remove every single particle of dust.

External Preparation

  • Inform all affected parties: When painting work happens, it may disturb others, e.g., your neighbors. Therefore, inform them about it.
  • Make necessary arrangements outside: There may be some big trees or plants, which may become a hindrance to the work. You have to trim them.
  • Check power outlet: Are there any power outlets? If yes, then check them before the construction work begins.
  • Check if there is any damage to the external walls: Commercial painting is done on the external walls. Hence, it is essential to check if there is any damage on the surface. Are there any cracks, fungi, or mold? If yes, then repair the damage.

If you prepare well and keep things ready, then the task of commercial painting becomes easy. If you have any doubts about what preparations should be done, then call the commercial painter. You will get the precise requirements.