Casablanca Hotel: Great value and great place to stay

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In Subic Bay, it is easier to find a lot of hotels but it can be a challenge to discover those who can really meet your relaxation needs.

You don’t need to spend a lot of time researching because one of the hotels that can be a great place to stay at Subic Bay is Casablanca Hotel.

You will feel utmost comfort and relaxation even in their standard rooms. They were indeed worth your money because every room was huge, has a good space, and equipped with the majority of things you needed to have a comfortable stay. Each member of the staff often receives good reviews for their friendliness, and overall good manners plus the guests often see each of them trying their best to help a guest in need.

The mini-bar at the center of the pool can attract many visitors for its unique structure, and of course, for its refreshing beverages. Casablanca Hotel is known for its clean and fresh air since the place is well-maintained and the foods offered at the restaurant suit the taste of most guests. It’s not surprising that previous guests’ reviews also include enjoying their food at Casablanca.

It is not far from the biggest mall in the area so you can also do a last-minute shopping with your family or friends if you wanted to. Moreover, Casablanca has a beautiful architecture, especially its famed ‘tower’ located alongside the pool wherein guests can’t help but to climb it and reach the top and see the awesome view from above.

You would love the idea of a band singing for you while you’re eating, right? Casablanca Hotel also has it. The hotel can be seen with colorful lights at night as well, so you won’t regret staying at the place even if you and your friends or family will stay for a few more days. You will definitely have a good time at this hotel, and if you’ll ever find yourself at Subic again, you would certainly stay at Casablanca Hotel.