Pros and Cons of A Handleless Kitchen

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A kitchen that is functional and aesthetically spick and span goes a long way into making tasty food. A beautiful kitchen also makes the whole experience of cooking very therapeutic!

What is common among scrumptious waffles, tacky tacos, mouthwatering momos, cheesy pizzas, heavenly chocolates, and luscious fruit salads? - A stunning and highly functional kitchen that elates the chef and makes cooking fun! 

We always look for fresh vegetables to make tasty food but overlook a critical aspect in between – a tidy kitchen. A kitchen that is functional and aesthetically spick and span goes a long way into making tasty food. A beautiful kitchen also makes the whole experience of cooking very therapeutic! 

Did you know that just by getting rid of the handles from the drawers, your kitchen can get a complete makeover? 

Handleless drawers!? That’s absurd!” 

Well, not really. Sure, drawers without handles have their share of pros and cons, but if you are somebody looking for a kitchen makeover, or you are putting together a new kitchen for your new home, then handleless cabinets are something that you should consider. 

Let’s go over the pros and cons of a handleless kitchen. 

Pros of a Handleless Kitchen 

  1. Makes Your Kitchen Appear Larger and Spacious

One of the best aspects of any modular furniture is that you can accommodate more in less space. The same goes for a modular kitchen setup. 

Conventional kitchen cabinets that feature bulky and awkward-looking handles take away the aesthetics by popping out and makes the kitchen appear cluttered. 

Handleless drawers, on the other hand, give your entire kitchen a streamlined look. A feeling as though the kitchen was always destined to look that way! 

  1. Makes Kitchen a Safer Place

Now more than ever, we are more of a safety zealot. Couples and families with very young children have always prioritised safety above everything else. A kitchen that has drawers without handles is a dream come true for such people! 

Small children are no longer in danger of accidentally running into doorknobs and handles on storage drawers. Adults will not bash their knees or hurt their nails on handless anymore. 

Sometimes, our clothes get hooked onto a handle in the kitchen and get ripped. That no longer is the case in a handleless kitchen. 

  1. Easier to Clean

Drawers without handles are much easier to clean than those with handles because they do not collect dust easily. 

Before, you needed a vacuum in addition to a cloth with a cleaning agent to reach the crevices in the handled kitchen. Now, with handless cabinets, all you need is a cloth, and your kitchen becomes spick and span! 

  1. Looks Good in Any Setup

If you live in a small studio apartment or you like to have cosy rooms, then modular furniture and a handleless kitchen are the way to go for you! 

They look good in any amount of space and also make the best use of the available space. Handles, on the other hand, are clunky and take up a lot of unnecessary space in a small kitchen. 

Cons of a Handleless Kitchen 

  1. Slightly More Expensive

Handless cabinets and storage drawers require a highly skilled carpenter, engineer, and craftsman to get the mechanism and design right. 

Hence, if you are very conservative about money, even if that is a one-time investment, then you might want to rethink your decision of investing in a handleless kitchen.  


All in all, the pros of a handleless kitchen certainly outweigh its cons. 

Although it is a tad bit expensive; it makes for a worthy one-time investment to make your house look better and your kitchen much more welcoming, especially if you live with your beloved family. 

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