Buy Fake Rolex Watches

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The Rolex watch is an expensive Swiss watch. Its design and production have always maintained the traditional style. Can I buy a piece of fake Rolex? Its performance includes automatic, single calendar, dual calendar, waterproof, dustproof, etc. The craftsmanship is perfect, especially the dial, handle, and strap. The carved corolla is a symbol of its high quality. How to tell if a Rolex is true or false? Here is a short tape. Everyone must tell if a Rolex is real.

What are the different methods of Rolex watches? Look at the appearance.

In terms of appearance, the Rolex case is beautiful, the strap, crown, and English words are clear and complete. The imitation case is rough and slightly shaped. In particular, the underside of the tooth is very delicate, clear, bright, and three-dimensional. It is sharp rather than three-dimensional, and generally shallow. In terms of weight, this hand is hefty, and the prosthetic hand is much lighter (note: some prosthetic hands also have a copper ring inside). For Rolex watches woven in 18K gold, the real product is generally changed from the old gold with the same color, fake Rolex has 14K gold or less K gold or 18K gold plating, but it will change over time. Back to the original color. Can I buy a fake Rolex watch? All-star Rolex watches, the diamonds on the watches are real; the fake diamonds are fake. An authentic Rolex watch, no matter what the artistry, is perfect. The men's watch, dial, and crown of the watch are clear and complete with English, and the numbers on the lugs are symmetrical. Fake watches usually work only on the surface. Real Rolex also has a precise figure on the invisible ear, traditionally modeled in the middle of the upper and lower ears. No imitation, even if not neat and clear.

What are the identification methods of fake Rolex? The core of observation

There is also a real market case for watch straps and holiday Rolex watches, so it is best to use special tools to open the watch. The actual Rolex movement, a pry-away autopilot, the core splint is engraved with Rolex characters and also engraved with the sport's number: 1570, 2135, 3135, 3035. No waiting. Can I buy a fake Rolex? The real machine has subtle movements, clear lines, and a black Rolex replica. Open the watch with a unique tool. The genuine Rolex plywood is engraved with the word "Rolex" and also stamped with mobile phone numbers and other information. No fake. The action is excellent, the lines are clear, and the jewelry sparkles. These wrong moves are creepy.

What are the identification methods of Rolex watches? Guarantee

Remove the strap of the watch, the type number of the watch factory in the middle of the side of the watch box, and the watch number in the middle of the watch below is not counterfeited (some counterfeits, but not clean and clear); Rolex watches have quality assurance. fake Rolex is just a row of pinholes, very inconsistent and not neat, but fuzzy. Because the market also has false guarantees.

What are the identification methods for Rolex watches?

Find a watch that feels like you're wearing it on your wrist, a real wristband jacket, the wristband can move freely, and the wristband has no edges, is smooth, and has no damage. However, the wristband is not flexible enough, which not only restricts the movement of the wristband, but also does not polish the wristband sharply, and may even scratch the hand.

What are the Rolex identification methods? See the birth of paper.

Looking at the "base paper" on the "truth table" where the paper was born, the paper shadow is bright. The factory number and watch model on the birth paper are the same as those on the ear of the watch.

Of course, the only reliable way to identify Rolex is to send your fake Rolex watch to a Rolex Definition Service Center for identification and formal confirmation. Alternatively, you can send your watch to a Rolex courier for a thorough inspection. If they open the lid to check the movement, experienced watchmakers usually can tell at a glance whether Rolex is real (no other sport has the same structural version). Through observation, some fine watches can sometimes deceive others, but most fake watches bought from the stall cannot surely mislead others. If you want to buy a Rolex watch without the risk of purchasing a fake watch