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Tinnitus 911 pediatric population it's almost always going to be otitis media Shelley's our Falcon Surat de la la I left it all to die Sergey then that's it Milan but there obviously different causes for ear pain you can have bacterial viral or fungal infectious etiologies well I already did Danika that agility because the divest the right Veera from shake back again manufactures I'd say one of the most common complaints that we get is fungal otitis externa left on stanford difficulty level is comical coca-cola Massey and that's it extend and funk it this is more of an indolent slow chronic short ear that appears to be full of wax but it's not actually wax is funnel debris and jalapenos it's eaten in and luckily Nia and I see the laundry yeah you see I don't know if there's something of a deal in the certain man miss nipple kasih sudah didn't cause it bacterial otitis externa is very painful and obviously that would be an antibiotic drop but the fungal otitis externa does not tend to be as painful the tip extent bacteria twitter $1 yes mama no known to the