15 Cosmetic Boxes Embellishment ideas for Small Business

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The embellishment of cosmetic boxes with low investment is certain. The use of cards, tags, foiling, stickers, promotional labels can easily attract more consumers.

The addition of embellishment on cosmetic boxes provides small businesses with a better outlook. Such embellished boxes have increased attention from consumers that, in return, enhance the profit generation for the business.

Beautification of packaging for small businesses is mandatory for an increased rate of attraction. Small businesses are less fortunate when it comes to investment costs. Their low budget makes it hard to have extraordinary packing types. Therefore, these businesses need embellishment ideas for a better flow of sales.

Creative Ideas

Some of the most appealing ideas of embellishments for cosmetic boxes are given as follows:

1. Add samples

The best idea for hair extension packaging is the addition of samples. These provide small testers on the box that can be used as embellishments. The small hair sample attached to the box can easily enhance the visual appeal of consumers. Moreover, these samples allow consumers to make their purchase decisions with better efficiency.

2. Foil Them

Customers love their products in shiny foils. Foils are mostly used for luxury products, and they can easily increase the significance of brand and products packed inside. Using appropriate foiling for products that serve a higher purpose can make use of foils of different colours. The most common colours used on small packaging boxes are golden and silver.

3. Sense of Luxury – Black and White

Black and white printed makeup boxes portray a sense of luxury. Colours affect the purchase decisions of consumers, and using luxury packaging design and embellishments can easily enhance the sales of small businesses. Moreover, using black and white colours are the easiest and most affordable form of luxury packing.

4. Tags

It is very important to use appropriate tags on cosmetic packaging to enhance their visual appeal. Either these tags can have information about the products, or they can come with inspirational quotes. Whatever the reason to use tags, labels, and cards, customer attraction towards the products of cosmetics increases.

5. Newspaper Theme

Trying different themes on cardboard boxes is also an effective way of embellishment. The printed cosmetic boxes with newspaper themes provide better visibility of products in the market.

6. Characterized Theme

It is one of the most successful marketing techniques to increase the traffic of customers towards products and brands through cosmetic box packaging. However, businesses need to know that only one theme at a time works. There is no way that two types of themes can be effective on a single package. The theme is always an underlying idea; therefore, using it with efficacy might work for small businesses.

7. Gloss Finishing

Small businesses have too much to prove. One of the best ideas for them to make a strong impact on consumers is by adding a gloss finish to the makeup packaging for small businesses. It enhances their appearance by bringing out the shine. Moreover, it can easily increase the value of the packed product, which is the main source of increased revenue generation.

8. Add Stickers

Who does not love stickers? These are not only for kids to decorate their belongings. They play a major role in attracting prospective buyers towards the business. Stickers can easily appeal to customers towards the products of cosmetics. You should also know how much important is cosmetic packaging in marketing. The foremost reason for using them is their affordability and visually appealing nature. Therefore, the addition of stickers is one of the best cosmetic packaging ideas that is beneficial for small businesses.

9. Paper Flowers

Paper can be crafted into several different things. It is very easy to use this material to make flowers for embellishment on makeup boxes. The paper flowers are attractive, cheap, affordable, and appealing. Therefore, using them for small cosmetic businesses is a very effective method to attract more customers to enhance then sales.

10. Use Glitters

Glitters are used all around the world for different reasons. These are also used as a cosmetic product for face glittering. However, using them to enhance the cosmetic display boxes is effective. These are affordable and are the main source of attraction for consumers.

11. Personalized Celebrity Images

Another idea for enhancing the boxes of cosmetics is by using personalized celebrity images. Various people use cosmetic products after getting impressed by a movie celebrity. These celebrities and actors have great importance in the customer’s mind. Therefore, using their pictures in digital forms on the packing can attract more customers for small businesses.

12. Assorted Colors

Using a different kind of colours for packaging is very beneficial for cosmetic display boxes. Users love boxes of assorted colours because they look appealing and attractive. Moreover, it is very easy and affordable to get assorted coloured packaging.

13. Customer loyalty cards

Some might say these are not a part of embellishment, but whatever attracts customers towards the packaging of cosmetic products is an embellishment. Adding customer loyalty cards with packing can easily attract customers. It is because of the added benefit of a free loyalty card. These cards can be used by customers in future purchases to get points and discounts.


14. Die-cut tags

One of the best techniques to attract prospective consumers towards products in attractive Cosmetic Packaging is the use of die-cut tags. These tags can be manufactured to have a physical appearance like products inside. A tag representing a mascara sounds appealing because it looks appealing too. Besides, these tags are cheap and affordable.

15. Promotional labels

Labeling is always known to be the most effective tool for marketing and enhancing the customer flow towards the business. Using attractive labels of colourful formats portraying discount offers can be eye-candy for consumers. Therefore, these labels can be used by small businesses to enhance their sales.


Embellishments create a new identity for a brand. Using cosmetic packaging design with efficacy can help the brand towards creativity and the addition of beauty to the boxes. These help to attract customers as simple designs are transformed into much more appealing formats. Moreover, these easily increase the value of boxes.