Beginners guide - How to prolong the life of your e-cigarette

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The electronic cigarette industry has become very popular in recent years, so much so that it seems every week there is a new vape starter kit on the market. It is extraordinary, and can be overwhelming. It is important to understand the ways in which you can preserve the life span of your

Whichever vape you have decided to use, for everyone it is personal preference, from the smallest starter kits to the biggest mod kit, they are considered as an investment. Every week lot of emotions goes into vaping this can be on replacement coils, eliquids and the electronic cigarettes themselves. This will start to decrease once you know how to properly use the device and have gotten used to the ways to avoid constant replacements. There are many different components to an electronic cigarette and they can require maintenance to ensure that they have a prolonged life span. The good news is that we are here to ensure you know the many ways to keep your vape alive and working for as long as possible.


Dependent on of course the vape that you have, the rechargeable batteries are basically the most important part of an electronic cigarette. They will all come in many different sizes and shapes but they are the glue that pulls the whole product together, as if the battery falls apart, slowly everything else will start to fall apart too. The batteries of a vape have a lot of pressure to keep the product alive and working.

As stated they come in all different shapes and sizes but they also have many other different features, for the adjustable vapes considered mostly as Mods but can also feature in starter kits. Adjustable vapes have a maximum wattage that they exceed up to; these can have a lot of impact on the battery themselves. The coils that we will go into deeper depth with shortly in this blog also have an impact on the wattage, which then also has an impact on the battery life. This is one example of why batteries are the heart of electronic cigarettes, as they keep everything together and every component of vaping has an effect on the battery. You will want the battery fulfilling its full capacity amount to ensure that you have the best experience. The smallest of mistakes that we all make are fortunately easy to avoid.

Charging the battery

E-cigarettes have two battery options, built in battery that you will just charge with a USB cable which usually comes in the box, and also replaceable batteries. The replaceable batteries are usually the more popular option as if a battery were to die on a built in battery you would need to replace the whole battery, whereas with replaceable batteries you can just replace the batteries if something were to go wrong with the USB charging port, it’s a more flexible option to consider. Also people doing sub ohm vaping, it’s convenient for them to carry spare batteries, if one set dies out.

Built in battery charging

A lot of the time where people may go wrong is overcharging without really noticing. The best way to preserve the life of your built in battery vape is to not charge it any longer than possibly 2-3 hours’ maximum and allow it to be fully dead before recharging again for another two hours.

It is always handy to purchase a spare battery if you religiously use your vape. If you were to not use your vape for a long time this can gradually drain the battery and they’ll start to lose the ability to maintain a full charge. The best thing to do when not using your vape is to turn it off after use which is why the two-hour charging rule is the best way to preserve.

Replaceable battery charging

Replaceable batteries are best charged externally using a battery charger; a good battery charger will have features to ensure that you are not over charging them. A lot of battery chargers nowadays have been put together to ensure that once the batteries are fully charged, they will stop charging them. However, if you do not have the resources to purchase a battery charger, the two-hour rule with the USB cable will still apply.

It’s always handy to have at your convenience a spare couple of batteries with you to ensure that you don't lose charge while you're out.

Replaceable Coils

Replacing coils can become more annoying over time, but there are ways that are prone to ensure that you can keep the life of coils for longer. Coils can be little complicated to understand at first, which is why we always advise our readers to use by allocated. What we mean by this is that all coils have a resistance and wattage minimum and maximum labeled on them. For each electronic cigarette there is always at the least two different coils which are compatible. Depending on your electronic cigarette there will be a maximum level of wattage, the coils for your preference of wattage all vary, however the coil that you use should always be within the same means as the level of wattage you are using.

As explained above, coils have a massive impact on your vaping experience. Consumers tend to try a few coils before they make their minds up on which one suits their vaping style best. However, coils do have the biggest connecting influence on the wattage, which then affects the battery. Using coils that are too low or too high for the wattage that you are using them on can because a strain on the battery as you may be using too low or too high pressure which can affect the batteries performance. Take it from us, if you want your coils lasting as long as possible make sure that they are used in the right way. Which is why it being always best to connect the wattage with the coils that you are using to ensure that are working together and not against each other.

Cleaning and changing coils

The best way to keep your electronic cigarette clean is by changing your coils every so often. We tend to tell our customers that this is best done possibly every two weeks to ensure that no left over residue from previous eliquids don’t get mixed up and you will be left over with gunk. You may not feel like the coil needs to be changed every so often which is why this is just a ball point; you will slowly start to tell when this is necessary.

Using the right eliquid

There are so many eliquids on the market right now, if you're looking for a flavor change, this time is as good as any. In a previous blog we spoke about the PG/VG ratio that is suitable for different cigarettes. Some vapes will only take a thicker liquid and some will only be compatible with a thinner liquid, if you notice that your coil has built up gunk then it has a lot to do with the liquid that you are using. This can also affect your coils performance and make them burn out a lot quicker. Eliquids with a higher VG concentrate are thicker which make them harder to absorb this can give you dry hits.

Additionally, after going through a few different eliquids you will notice which ones are most compatible for your vaping style. However, eliquids have sugar in them and using an eliquid which contains too much sugar can be detrimental for your coils and can leave gunk residue. After trying different eliquids you will be able to tell the difference and become more aware which ones suit your product the most to give you the best vaping experience.