On Demand Taxi Booking App in Mexico

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The growing rise of on demand taxi booking app in Mexico listing some popular apps that are quite popular there in the field of ridesharing as well as ride-hailing. In the same article we shall list some popular ridesharing apps that people use there that in turn have gone on to create sti

Latin America is made up of 36 countries in total with a population of close to around 517 million people and one region in the Latin American region which has a huge booming population is Mexico. If we go by the demographic figures the number of people living in Mexico is around one million in total. 

However, the matter that comes as a worrisome one is the transport and commutation on a whole. In other words, people living there face major problems in terms of transport and commutation especially in the last fifty years due to public transport not being fully developed so as to say. However, gradually with this South American region adopting the on demand taxi booking app for commutation purposes on a whole, rides have gotten innovated and enhanced in nature. 


So here’s looking into the rapidly booming and flourishing Uber-like transportation market in Mexico. 

Flourishing Uber-like Transportation Market in Mexico 

Latin America has been conservative and traditional especially in terms of possession of a car. People there have always felt their status quo would increase rapidly if they owned a car.  However, with time, people’s perceptions also change in general and it is worth noting today the youth there are opting in for options such as ridesharing and ride-hailing. 

It is worth noting that the revenue generated from this market on a whole has increased to a stupendous level on a whole and is predicted to grow even more in years to come. As per a statistical report the revenue generated from on-demand taxi booking app market is predicted to be close to around 1017 million dollars by 2023 approximately. This in turn goes on to show the overall profitable nature of this market on a whole in the Mexican region. 

Another point to take into consideration is that the region also has a large number of smartphone users with the count being close to around 200 million and as per statistical reports, by 2020 approximately 63 percent of the population there would have access to internet.

So, as mentioned earlier, the number of ridesharing apps has increased in the recent years in Mexico on a whole. This was especially after Uber entered this region in 2013. With close to around 36 million users already using it there the ridesharing service provider attracted the attention of new ridesharing industry owners who also wanted to build similar solutions to innovate the overall ride experiences of riders. 

This in turn leads us to some popular ridesharing apps that are helping people commute from one place to another with utmost convenience there and have helped the Uber-like transportation market to flourish on a whole there. 

Popular Ridesharing Apps in Mexico 

  1. Easy Taxi – With very easy operations along with the convenience it offers riders in terms of booking and tracking in real-time has made Easy Taxi very popular in terms of ridesharing and is giving stiff competition to Uber. The solution offers its ridesharing services in places like Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, to name a few. 

  2. Didi – Didi recently went into acquiring 99 Taxis and has slowly captured the South American region of Mexico in terms of providing innovative ride experiences to people there. 

  3. Bird – This innovative ride-sharing app specializes in offering the Mexican people rides through electric scooters thereby helping in the process to prevent pollution and the harmful emissions that get exposed through vehicles to the common man. 

So, in a nutshell, all these popular on demand taxi booking app in Mexico have gone onto provide stiff competition to Uber and thereafter led to the rapid growth of the Uber-like transportation market there on a whole.