Know why making AOL Desktop Gold your default browser is a good choice?

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Whenever we talk about AOL, we always receive a positive response. Users have an intense experience with AOL desktop gold. You will find everything you are looking for, whether it is web browsing, sending emails, or chatting with near and dear ones.

With its latest technology and reliability, it makes its own space in every home. Using AOL desktop gold as your default browser, a decision you will never regret. AOL gives us a friendly pathway towards the technology world. AOL gold desktop is an all-in-one desktop that you would love to use because of its user-friendly features. So Download AOL Desktop Gold and start to enjoy its top-class services for the best user experience ever. This blog will help you to know more about the AOL gold desktop.


Key Features of AOL Gold Desktop


We always look for the best product to reduce stress and enjoy technology at its best. No doubt that the AOL gold desktop has improved security features, automatic update option, provides a single platform for searching, chatting, and e-mailing. Other than this, there are many more features offered by AOL gold desktop. We have streamlined some of the most significant features of the AOL gold desktop to help you to know more about it.


  • Simple Installation Process: After the new updates, the installation process of AOL becomes easier. Those who are using its older version can easily update it to the newer one.
  • Bookmark Websites: One can quickly save the most visited and most liked website to favorites. It will save your time from unnecessary searching. One can also import the bookmarks and saved passwords from google chrome desktop.
  • Change Fonts: One can personalize their emails by changing text size, color, and add hyperlinks. You can do all this by using the Editor menu.
  • Personalize Zoom Settings: If you find difficulties in reading your favorite content, need not worry if you are using AOL gold desktop. One can adjust the zoom settings according to their needs and comfort. You can do it by using + and - keys as well.
  • Modify The Background: One can also personalize the background experience with the AOL gold desktop. One can also change the notification sound by login to the AOL gold desktop.
  • Make Personalize Dictionary: AOL gold desktop check your text automatically whenever you write any mail or any other text. You can improve its effectiveness by keeping your personal dictionary up-to-date on your AOL gold desktop.
  • Automatic Updates: The new AOL gold desktop comes with automatic update features to keep the software updated with the latest features and technology.


Apart from these features, AOL gold desktop comes with 30 days free trial and 24*7 support to solve your queries.


System Requirements


AOL gold desktop required some pre-requisite system requirements. To enjoy all the benefits of the AOL gold desktop, you should look after these requirements first.


Operating System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and MAC

Processor: 266 MHz

Screen Resolution: 1024*768

Memory: 1GB RAM and 512MB free space at hard disk


If your system fulfills the above requirements, you can enjoy the AOL gold desktop without any interruptions.