Basic Online Blogging Strategy to increase Site Traffic for Bloggers

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Bloggers looking to make their blog popular online need to be patients and practice any of the mentioned strategies. While there are many ways to increase the traffic to your blog, you need to know that the mentioned steps could accelerate your blogging success.

There are so many blogging success stories out there that you may have heard of. Many bloggers were able to achieve their goals and objectives through following some basic blogging principles; at the same time, using available online marketing strategies to spread their words. You too can achieve the same height with your article site.

In this article, I will share some of the methods to use in order for your blogging site to attract enough traffic every day. Just follow it, and you will see much difference within two to three weeks.

Be Passionate:

The first rule of thumb in blogging success is your passion for what you do. If you are passionate about it, you are surely going to reap the rewards. Just like any other business, it takes time to build trust; and the same time, it takes more time to be recognized by others out there. Therefore, your long lasting endurance and passion will see you through.

That takes me to the first question that I am going to ask you - why did you start your blog?

Different individuals have different reasons to start something; and this also applies to blogging on the internet. While some do this to make money, others do it for their passion for writing. Whatever your reasons may be, you ultimate goal is to get your blog post this popular and well targeted to the right audience.

Be that as it may, your passion to succeed will keep driving you to get your message out to the public. Additionally, try to follow the blogging ethics in all you do. With you playing the blogging game according to the rules, many of your obstacles are already solved. So patience, passion and ethics are the number 1 rule of thumb a blogger must know how to practice.

Pick A Blogging Niche:

As a blogger with 15 years experience, I have discovered that there are more that enough niche out there to focus on. Therefore, you will need to pick a particular niche that suite you.

When picking your niche, you need to do a bit of research on how competitive that particular niche is. If it is a niche with lots of advertisements around it, believe me, the competition will be high.

Not only will you be facing search engine result pages (SERPs) highly competitive spaces, but also face competition from Google Cost Per Click (CPC) advertisers.

Do not be afraid, there is a way around this. In fact, you can do this without you paying for advertisements and promotions. Just follow what I will be talking about in the next paragraph.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

Google keep changing the rules of SEO each time. Nevertheless, follow the best practice when you are putting up your strategy and you will still not be affected by any future Google algorithm updates.

As you may be aware, content creation (this you already doing with your blog) and quality backlinks are the lifeline of good SEO strategy. If that is the case, you need to create valuable contents on your site and at the same time, get other websites to link to it.

If you cannot get this done by yourself, you can seek the services of SEO professionals.

What do I mean by quality backlinks?

Quality backlinks are like votes you get when another website talk about your post. That is to say, the post author mentioned your blog post in his or her content. By doing so, the author is telling search engines that your blog post is an additional resource for the audience. For that blog post reference, your blog is getting recognition needed to build your brand.

As your brand gain more recognition, so will these search engines believe in your contents; therefore, start giving you a better ranking when someone search for phrases relating to your content.

It is important to realize that the more quality backlinks pointing to your post, the better it will increase your site ranking. This strategy I have used for most of my clients and it has produced good results. In fact, it is an important promotional technique that all website need to use,

Social Media Promotion:

The use of social media platforms are increasing every single day. In that case, you definitely need to take advantage of the usage popularity.

With your post popularity among different users on social media platforms, you can turn your blog posts into high performing traffic viewing machine. This can be achieved by making your brand known on those platforms.

For instance, I use same strategy for a particular cashblog website and today, this site receive thousands of paying visitors each month. You too can do this.

All you have to do is to make sure that you post regularly on those platforms. But most importantly, respond to comments when your social media viewers make comments on your post.

With that, you create high engaging strategies for your blogging platform. In turn, you will are creating an avenue to increasing your blog traffic. Just remember, this tips are few of many traffic generating techniques that you can use to promote your blogs and article contents online.

Source: Echo Nigeria Internet Marketing for Bloggers.