The number of cleaning times, the sensor RFID textile laundry

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The number of cleaning times, the sensor RFID textile laundry

Linen washing is a very important task in the daily management of a hotel. Because the linen needs to be sorted by color, texture, use category, and dirt category before the washing plant is washed. Manual processing usually takes 2 to 8 people for several hours to sort different linens into different chutes, which is quite time-consuming; this does not include the linen classification, statistical loss or theft of different customers after washing. Linen number of time. With the help of RFID laundry tags, this problem can be solved for linen washing companies. Linen washing RFID laundry tags can solve the problem of efficiency.

We assume that RFID laundry tags are sewn into each linen. When the linen with RFID laundry tag passes through the assembly line, the reader will recognize the information in the tag. To what type of linen is identified, where does it need to be sent or into the machine. Using RFID in this way frees the time of manually sorting linen, and can quickly send the linen to the next laundry process, replacing the traditional bar code or discrimination by human eyes, which improves efficiency. Cycle washing 200 times, 120 ℃ high temperature ironing RFID laundry tag can predict the service life of the linen.

On the other hand, since the RFID tag sewn into the linen will record the linen information, the system can clearly understand each linen The number of cleaning times, the sensor RFID textile laundry tag (ETAG-T557) has 200 washing cycles, water resistance, dry cleaning, acid and alkali resistance, soft, bending resistance, can be repeatedly rubbed; can withstand 120 Ironing at high temperature for 10 minutes. When the system shows that the number of cleanings is close to the threshold, the washing company can promptly order the old linen for the hotel and provide a series of post-maintenance services for the hotel. Wash 200 times in a cycle. 120 ° C high temperature ironing. Inventory management and theft management.

Third, the linen using reed wire suppliers laundry tags can be counted by RFID readers to understand the linen inventory and solve the dependence on manual management of inventory. Even if it is found that the linen is lost, you can use the label information to understand the department, type, and tracking responsibility of the lost linen to make up for the work error.