Language Of Desire Review

The reason why you should never lift up your hand when wanting to move from touching one area of her body to touching another area of her body is because if you do, you might most likely face the risk of having her completely snap out of her sexual state. If she snaps out of her sexual sta


Here's an important note. Make sure that you never apologize to the woman for touching her in a certain way if you've touched her the right way and at the right time during an interaction. The reason why I strongly advise you not to apologize to her for it is because if you do, not only will she subconsciously see you as a very insecure and creepy guy but also she might fiercely reject you.

Here's why she sees your apologizing as a big turn-off whenever you apologize to the woman for something that you don't need to apologize for, she'll instantly see you as a very weak man who's unsure of himself and his feelings.