A certain level in terms of working speed

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A certain level in terms of working speed

When all the conveyor belts are running, the textile is sent to the dipping tank and then dried on the heating belt. The second and third conveyors connected to Q7 and Q8, respectively, start after 5 minutes. [B] The components used [/ b] -LOGO! 230RL -I1 OFF button (NO) -Q1 fan-Q2 heating belt 1 -Q3 heating belt 2 -Q4 heating belt 3 -Q5 heating belt 4 -Q6 conveyor belt for dipping tank 1 -Q7 conveyor belt for dipping tank 2 -Q8 for dipping tank Conveyor 3 [b] Advantages and characteristics [/ b] LOGO! Can ensure the smooth automatic start of the conveyor, which can avoid large input current impact. air jet loom Manufacturers The integrated timing switch enables the preheating of the drying belt in advance.

Compared with traditional solutions, it requires fewer parts. It is convenient to change the delay time. LOGO! Automatically controlled dipping and drying conveyors.Demand: LOGO! Can be used in textile impregnation. Once this process is complete, the dipping conveyor and heating belt can be stopped immediately by the I1 button. The starting and closing conveyors are carefully adjusted.5 hours. In the process, the bundled fabric is unwound into an impregnation bath and dried on a heated conveyor. Since the heating belt takes a long time to warm up, the first conveyor belt leading to the dipping tank was put into operation after 3.

Then the heating belts Q3, Q4, Q5 start after five minutes. [B] LOGO! Solution [/ b] The dipping process is started automatically by the timing switch integrated in LOGO !. Edit: He Shiping. The fan continues to work for an hour. After 15 minutes, the first heating strip, Q2, starts. Every day at 3:00 am, the Q1 fan starts to provide ventilationThe textile industry is a pillar industry of China's national economy. The biggest advantages are simplicity, economy, practicality, good compatibility, and easy connection to the Internet. 4. 3

This article mainly introduces the application of Omron 3G3JV series small frequency converter and PLC on spinning machine. Principle, control method and operation effect, expatiate the problems that should be paid attention to in the design of practical application of inverter. In many applications, production machinery may be required to reach a certain level in terms of working speed, positioning accuracy, rapid start and braking, and reverse, and the motor as the prime mover of the system is the main body to achieve these requirements, so improve the adjustment of the motor Speed 鈥echnology is of great significance to the performance of the entire electric drag system. When you need to stop halfway, press the halfway stop button, the host can stop and brake by itself. When the low-speed start button is pressed, the host starts low-speed operation and spun yarn. After turning on the power, the suction motor starts to work