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way shape or form if she is considered healthy 100% healthy 100% become family to me and thank you for all of your love all of your support thank you so much and sweetness level as as normal milk would be doesn't have any sort of grainy texture and Isis a very smooth buttery creamy t

Top-5-best-weight-loss-pills I just want to different alternatives in the fresh and long-life section so I shall go through all six of those and see what are my top five and I'm going to be ranking them on nutrition how well they actually mix into a hot beverage whether it's tea or coffee what does it taste like and look like for that matter and also what's the price because then they don't really want to be paying an arm or leg for a milk alternative when there's another one which is a fraction the cost so let's get it started so the first one is polenta SHhhh so for the nutrition's we have got per 100 milliliters 41 calories is the pro vitamin oat milk which it says this is enriched with calcium and vitamin D and B um and yes right down at the bottom an alternative to milk and soya have a look at the ingredients so we have per hundred mill energies and the same fat 1.2 carbs six point three protein less than half a gram and there you have you've got your vitamin D your vitamin b2 folic acid and you'll be 12 and calcium and here we have the innocent milk so that is not unpleasant actually it's quite nice it's got a nice off fatty feel to it so nicely coach your mouth in there in a good way like like what milk does and it does taste slightly ot and more in a sort of like porridge II type away it's not overly sweet probably about the same sort of