custom made sherwani:: The season of Love!

Have a look on finely tailored custom made sherwani and bandhgala jackets for men. Make a style statement on your traditional occasions with Herringbone and Sui.


Season of love is always celebrated with custom made sherwani. The best piece of clothing that can be worn on the day of proposal. Just imagine where you are dressed up in a custom made sherwani and kneeling down. Your love is blind folded and walking all the way to get back to you with so many things running on her mind. And once, when she is asked to open the blindfolded, her vision is still blurred. Expecting to see you, she saw you but entirely in a different way where you are about to propose something magical is going to happen.

I tell you all the things you should know it started there, he said This will get good now “I pledge to enable you to love life, to dependably hold you with delicacy, to have the persistence that adoration requests, to talk when words are required, and to share the quietness when they are not, to settle on a truce about red velvet cake, to live inside the glow of your heart, and dependably call it home.” Yes, I am lucky to get him! and my eyes was filled with happy tears and I did promise him “to savagely adore him in the entirety of your structures, now and for eternity. I guarantee to always remember this is a rare love. What's more, to dependably know in the most profound piece of my spirit that regardless of what difficulties may convey us separated, we will dependably discover our way back to each other. “

The love needs to be expressed otherwise it can never be felt. They eyes must say that you are feeling unusual. Make the other feel as they are free as a bird in their cage. Even if it is for more than thousand years they must feel that they are for you. It is not necessary that your love must always be the fairy tale. Even heaven can help the love if it is meant to be forever! The love is all defined by the custom made sherwani. All I do Is don’t remember all these happened from the time I Met with the car accident and I ran out of memory because of my surgery! Say you’ll remember me in the Wildest Dreams! I don’t want to End the Game. I would like to go back to December and make it all right!