5 Effective Tips To Help Employees Showing Up Late At Work

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5 Effective Tips To Help Employees Showing Up Late At Work

With no doubt, the success of a company depends on its workforce. Also, employers highly rely on their employees to run their business efficiently. In that case, late employees impact employee engagement and productivity of an organization. Hence, a manager should know how to deal with employees who are always late to work. 

Today, companies do the best that they can for their workforce. Some employers even purchase HRIS software to make things easy and simple for their employees. In this case, every employee should be punctual enough and be their most productive self.  So, the solution? 

Here are the 5 effective tips to help employees showing up late at work!!

Observe the Behavior 

First of all, a manager should understand when an employee is late to work due to some genuine reason and when he is just being lazy. That means it’s okay to be late once in a while but not daily. There are a number of issues an employee comes across (occasionally), such as accidents, weather interventions, sickness, etc. But what is not at all accepted is when an employee is late every other day. It is a clear sign that neither do they consider their work seriously nor do they respect the work policy of the company.  In order to notice a late employee, one should have a good tab on every employees’ attendance. And for easy and accurate attendance management, one can also rely on an HRIS software. 

Be Proactive

Most managers deal with employees coming late to the office with utmost anger. With that being said, no manager should lose their calm or threaten such employees by using foul language. 

When employers/managers notice consistent lateness, then they should be proactive. As a wise man once said, “communication is the key”. One can use a comprehensive HRIS software to schedule one on one meeting to talk to that employee in person. Talk to them, address concerns and find a solution for the problem. 

Make a Plan 

Don't hurry up. Take some time and deal with the whole problem wisely. There must be some legit reason for an employee's excessive lateness such as any medical or family issue. In that case, a manager should act accordingly. For instance, one can allow a later start time or more flexible working hours. 

Outline the Consequences  

Make a policy including some strict consequences for lateness. For instance, for employees who are occasionally late, they should make up that time. And for employees who are regularly late, they should be issued with a written warning. It can be anything. This way employees will be aware of the consequences, hence they will avoid being late as much as possible. 

Acknowledge Improvement 

Acknowledgement is the best medium for a permanent change, hence use it! 

When a manager notices that an employee has improved the behavior and is punctual now, simple praise will boost up that person. Let them know you appreciate their efforts. A few kind words can literally go a long way!!

So, consider the aforementioned points to deal with all those late comers. Also, just search “best HRMS software India” and get your hands on one; to make the whole process easier.