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Melon Rubber is a professional supplier of liquid silicone rubber parts, custom gasket, vibrator, rubber and gasket, O-ring rubber seals, rubber and plastic mould. Provide one-stop moulding service for rubber, plastic and silicone components.


The rubbers are the most important material that can be used in almost all the appliances and the products. The rubbers with the different shapes, sizes and colors are available in the rubber industries. The rubbers are made by the different materials to meet customer needs. The experienced company in the city is providing the molding of the rubbers and plastic materials according to the requirement. Designing, prototyping, tool making and tool refurbishment services are also provided by the company.

Well highly experienced people in the company is doing the manufacturing process of the rubbers are always available in great quality. liquid silicone rubber parts the company is ready to respond to the defects and other needs very quickly. The price of rubber products is always less compared to other companies in the city. The production team will always check the final product again to avoid any defects.


The rubber parts can be available in both solid and liquid state. The liquid silicone rubber parts are more flexible to use in various devices and equipment compared to the solid one. The service provided by the company includes the manufacturing of the rubber parts and also its prototypes. The rubber in this category is used for the utensils and other equipment where the foods are created. It also blocks the water, oxidation, acids and alkali. This kind of rubber can withstand the temperature from extreme cold to extremely hot conditions.

This provides great insulation so it is mostly used in the electrical appliances. These are used in the health care fields and medical devices.custom gasket manufacturer are very much helpful for molding of rubber and extrusion processes. They are useful for tubing, seals and profiles. In the health care and the pharmaceutical industries, the components of the rubber are widely used. The delivery of the items can be done within a few days and so the customers can take care of the further works.

The silicone elastomers provide high tear, rapid cure and catalysts. The company is providing the services for many years with the good quality that is why this became popular among the people.