What Is Beacon Technology? How It Enhance The Productivity Of Business

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Start Produtive Business With Bacon Technology.

Technology is evolving rapidly; it is important for retailers to stay connected with the latest trends and technology that enhance productivity in the long run. Beacon is the technology that can be used in different industries, such as in retail stores, to monitor the activities of buyers through their smartphones and offer relevant information and deals.

Today, brands have been using beacon technologies since the launch of the Apple iBeacon in 2013. It is Bluetooth based technology that allows business owners to improve engagement with customers; hence, companies can expand their business.

Beacons are small devices that broadcast their identifier to a nearby portable device. This technology allows smartphones, tablets, and other devices to exchange and share information. It is a very useful technology for the warehouse industry to track and locate their vessels without manual interruption.

Beacon Technology For Business Success

Beacons are small and battery-powered devices that can be connected with smartphones via Bluetooth technology. 

If you are running a store, by placing beacons, retailers can predict and collect detailed information about the customer’s movement and try to enhance the online ordering system by developing highly personalized marketing campaigns.

Google believes that beacons technology has the ability to do many things for customers, brands, and digital marketers. To identify this, Google has launched Eddystone and the Google beacon platform. Moreover, brands can integrate beacons with Google products.

Beacons are cost-effective and simple solutions to get relevant information from customers. Later, you can use it to start marketing campaigns. With the help of this technology, you can collect:

  1. How much time a consumer has spent in a specific area of the store.
  2. Which product section is highly in demand.

This information is used to figure out marketing techniques and improves productivity.

Beacons Proximity Marketing 

Beacons are playing an important role and helping retailers to generate traffic to their stores, increasing sales and conversion ratio. The future of marketing relies on personalized marketing campaigns. The more you know about customers, the more you can increase engagement ratio.

Proximity marketing is the first field of using beacon technology. If the customer is already in the store, you have to give them some reason to buy. Beacons can drop a nudge right on the phone and suggest something good to them. It is a convenient way to deliver a personalized customer experience with the minimum usage of resources. 

Famous retail store Walmart is using WI-fi beacons to deliver a personalized customer experience with amazing offers and discounts.

Moreover, beacons allow employees to work faster and productively by reminding them about pending tasks. E-commerce generally uses online advertising to attract customers. However, if you don’t have an internet connection, you can not browse the web page. But beacons allow you to connect with anyone at any time.


Beacons have already spread their wings in various sectors such as retail, mall sector, museum, parks, and so on. Now it is also used in the workplace. Beacon technology is a powerful tool to engage customers and provide them information instantly.

Hence, if you want to enhance productivity and increase sales with higher conversion, this is the right technology for you.