Food is Not the Enemy - Eat the Right Foods to Lose Weight

It's a matter of basic biology. The body has no way of knowing what kind of society we live in nowadays, as far as it's concerned we are still roaming around hunting for our food. Therefore if you put the body in a state of starvation, the body realizes that resources are short


The point of this article is to get you thinking about things you enjoy and incorporating them into your weight loss plan. It's so important to find a plan that is sustainable so you don't give up on it after a few weeks. A sustainable, fast acting plan is the clever way; a lot of dieters bust their gut for the first week or so and then give up because it's too hard - don't fall into this trapThe most common fat loss strategy for someone who is absolutely desperate to lose weight comes in the form of fasting. It's true that if you don't eat any food at all that you will lose weight - it's a simple matter of physics - energy out is more than energy in, so your body has to resort to burning your fat for energy.