Tips to get in to the game development and Banned video games in the UAE

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If you are in the first step of game development, here is a list of tips to help you on your path to the game development industry.

Tips to get into the game development world

If you are in the first step of game development, here is a list of tips to help you on your path to the game development industry.

Game making starting point

First, you should decide about you are going to programming the game or will you do the art for the game. If you decide to do programming, you should learn Javascript, HTML5, C++ or C#. Javascript is a web language, C++ and C# is also an object-oriented programming language.

Enjoy the work:

It is important that you love your work, then only you can get fruitful output. This industry is devotion, sometimes repetition and a lot of fun. So make sure that the development industry is the right choice for you. Understand all part of work in development and focus more on development part.

Get real experience:

Once you got some idea of game development go for real experience while trying for internships or freelance that’s your choice.

There are many opportunities available in internships to learn more. If you don’t have a game development studio nearby you then you can go far remote internships. Freelance also a good way to learn more on your work. You may get to have some professional portfolio experience and they will pay for your work. After getting real experience, you can try for game development companies to brighten your future.

Banned video games in UAE

Ban – it is a hot catch issue in the world of video games right now. When developers change their statistics to come front in the competitive market, some users treat it as a dangerous game. Video games are more in number for the community to handle in all around the world so that getting downloads from play store is becoming more difficult. It is important to find the reason for what makes sense to irritate the users. The reasons may be adding of intense violence, unsavoury themes etc in the game. These are not exact reason, may be other reasons to get banned from the market.

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Example of a banned game: Blue Whale Game

The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) in UAE called the Blue Whale game as a suicide game, is banned and not accessible in the UAE. TRA confirmed that now onwards there will be no apps, website or links that allow people to access this game to ensure the safety of the children and teenagers. TRA made this decision after studying about the reports and news about this game influence the player to harm themselves and they may attempt to get suicidal. And also need the cooperation of others to remove any social media that prompt people to cause self-harm.

Some other list of video games banned in the UAE due to many reasons like opposing the customs and traditions. Adding violence, gambling, nudity and excessive sexual themes are Darksiders, Dead Rising 2, God of War series, ROBLOX and more.