What is SEO

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What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). A Step by Step SEO Guide for Beginners. Learn SEO

Definition: According to Wikipedia, SEO is “the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search engine’s unpaid results.”

Search engine optimization (SEO) is that the method of optimizing your on-line content so an exploration engine likes to indicate it as a high result for searches of a precise keyword.

When it involves SEO, there’s you, the computer program, and also the searcher. If you have got a piece of writing regarding the way to create SEO Services blog, you wish the computer program (which, 85%, is Google) to indicate it as a high result to anyone World Health Organization searches for the phrase “SEO Services blog.”

SEO is that the magic you have got to figure on your article so as to form Google terribly seemingly to incorporate your post together of the highest results whenever somebody searches for that keyword.


Now what will that magic appear as if, and why will it even matter?

Like I aforesaid earlier, the overwhelming majority of on-line experiences begin with an exploration engine, and nearly seventy fifth of searchers begin their searches on Google.

Combine that with the very fact that the primary 5 results on Google get sixty seven of all clicks, and you get an inspiration of why computer program optimization is therefore necessary.

There’s a joke going round the internet that highlights however crucial it's to hit the primary page of Google:

If you ever got to hide a natural object, you ought to place it on the second page of Google search results.

If your blog post, article, or product is on the other page of the Google search results than the primary, then it’s the equivalent of it not ranking in the least.

But to grasp the way to show up initial within the computer program results, you initially got to shrewdness search even works.

How Search Works:

Now that you simply have an inspiration of the fundamentals of SEO, I’ll take a glance at a number of its elements very well.
While Google guards their search rule pretty much and not all of the over two hundred decisive factors area unit public, Backlinko did an excellent job of compilation as several of them as doable into one massive list.