Dietary Approach to the Treatment of Obesity

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A Healthy Diet including raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, etc is one of the best and time-tested traditional ways of keeping a check over obesity. Learn about the Diet Therapy in Naturopathy

Obesity is a condition when the excess body fat accumulates to an extent that it tends to become harmful. Apart from reshaping the body to a bigger size, it increases the risk to many other health issues such as Heart Disease, High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, etc.


Cause of Obesity

Obesity can happen due to genetic, behavioral, metabolic, or hormonal influences on the body. If we try to figure out the reason behind obesity, what is most common is the intake of a large number of eatables with little or almost no physical movement. Thus, when the amount of energy intake is not exhausted then, especially the fats and sugars get stored by the body in the form of fat.



From the point when people realize the situation they have landed in, they only see options like weight loss supplements and gyms. People generally feel or are made to feel that these options would work wonders and turn them back into shape. Though, the scenario is completely different. Despite spending a lot of their precious time and doing bulk investments in all these as well as gyms and other health activities they seem to turn back to square one, once they leave or the activities they were involved in.

If you detrain or stop working out after giving in all your efforts in the gym for a month or two, your body muscles will start losing the ability to burn fat as your metabolism slows down. Also, you’re not burning the same amount of calories you earlier used to which is why additional calories will be stored as fat.

No Doubt, gym is great for your body as it allows you to force your body to act and take part in physical activities. Thus, keeping you fit. But, on the other hand, it should not be the only reason to control obesity.


What is the Best Approach to Treat Obesity?

Though the physical activity is a must and should be encouraged, it is not solely responsible to take charge. Rather, a better option against obesity is controlling one’s diet. A Healthy Diet including raw vegetables, fruits, whole grains, nuts, etc is one of the best and time-tested traditional ways of keeping a check over obesity.


Dietary Approach to Treat Obesity

A self-made plan or one made with the help of a dietician works well if it focuses on healthy eating and is followed strictly and regularly. Fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, nuts, whole grains, etc should be part of a diet to overcome the requirement of fiber. Consumption of dairy products to level up the protein intake should be taken care of. Saturated fats and sugar intake should be controlled. Drink approximately 2 litre (8 glasses) of water per day. One also needs to be aware that a naturopathy diet should be done keeping in mind the required calorie for each individual. Calorie intake for every individual might differ as it depends on factors such as age, body weight, and physical activities in daily routine. One more important factor is to remember “Rome was not built in a day”, means you will never achieve your goal in a single day. Avoid crash dieting to fix weight loss or else you may end up with other health issues. So you need to set short goods that make you confident as you make your plans successful. 

Follow a Diet Therapy or reach out to consultants who can guide you with a better diet plan on treating obesity issues.

A major factor is to avoid eating out because there you may have no control over what spices or fat products have been put into your food leave aside from the healthy aspect. Moreover, it is expensive.

Cutting down on sugar and saturated fats can be best attained by limiting the intake of cakes. Also, avoid junk food and alcohol. 

Furthermore, obesity is not always linked to unhealthy eating. It may be for a medical reason and is a time related to emotional issues or compulsive behavior. In such cases, consulting a naturopathy therapist would be a better option.



  1. Always opt for plans that help you lose weight gradually. A sudden drop in weight might lead to weakness accompanied by some further problems.
  2. Opt for dietary and lifestyle changes rather than going in for weight loss medication or supplements as they might have side effects (adverse effects).



The dietary approach to treat obesity has been successful in most of the cases. With a reduction in energy intake and focus on macronutrient composition and food patterns, one can achieve weight loss. Reach out to nearby naturopaths, physicians, or nutrition professionals for support and dietary advice on changes that can help you improve with eating behaviors.