10 mistakes to avoid when designing kitchen

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Thinking to design your dream kitchen? Here are 10 mistakes to avoid when designing kitchen

The main qualities of kitchen design - comfort and functionality. Kitchen layout and stylistics of the headset should be thought out in detail. Let's talk about the most common mistakes in kitchen design, so that you don't have to learn from your own experience and don't empty your wallet, correcting them.


 1.Working triangle

When placing a headset in the kitchen, it is dangerous to disrupt access to the working triangle (fridge, stove, sink). In such a kitchen, functionality will be impaired and the cooking process will take much longer. The long side of the working triangle must not be less than 3 meters and must not exceed 8 meters.


2.Lost centimeters

In smaller kitchens you will often find that the size of the headset and the kitchen do not match. Even 5 centimetres of free space in a small kitchen noticeably reduces the work surface. So when choosing a kitchen headset, measure the room several times and draw an approximate layout plan for the headset, taking into account all sizes taken at scale. You can find programs on the Internet that will help you with precise planning. See how you've mastered the complexities of kitchen design in an eco style two-room apartment.


3.Little light

The kitchen is a room where many dangerous processes occur simultaneously: cutting, cooking, roasting and so on. All these processes in the dark cannot be performed in bad light. Do not save on lighting. Install built-in spotlights above the worktop and light the whole room well with the chandelier. Modern spotlights save energy and by installing a smart home system (with motion sensors) you can save even more on lighting. The system is absolutely invisible - look at how it looks in one piece in the style of modern classics.


4.No cooker hood

Refusing to install a cooker hood in the kitchen in order to save money will surely lead to even greater costs. Excessive moisture, fatty deposits and odours will spoil all the finishing materials and textiles in your kitchen. And you'll have to make new repairs.


5.Stylistic disregard

Lack of style integrity is often found in the design of large kitchens. Designers consider this to be a gross mistake. Kitchen set should be strictly suitable for finishing materials, and in the case of kitchen-dining room or living room kitchen all other furniture should be similar to the kitchen set in style, color, shape and fittings. 


6.Minimalistic sink

Small kitchens always have room to save space. But if you own a spacious kitchen and a large family, make sure you have a sink with a wing. You can always place hot dishes on its metal surface, and after dinner, you can place all the dirty dishes on it without occupying the washing compartment itself.


7.High working surface

As a standard, the height of the kitchen worktop is 85 centimetres. However, people with irregular height often have problems working on such surfaces. The tall ones slouch, while the low ones are constantly pulling. As a result, problems with posture begin. If you are uncomfortable working behind a standard height surface, contact the companies that work on a custom basis.


8.Natural materials

Modern Modular kitchen design trends advocate the use of natural materials. However, this is not always appropriate in the kitchen. For example, such a popular natural material as marble is very impractical. The material looks very strong, but if you look closely, its structure is porous. Over time, the pores will become clogged with dirt that cannot be extracted and the appearance of the floor or work surface of marble will be spoiled. Its cost is lower and its performance is much better.


9.Mismatching finishes and headset

Often, having waited for the long-awaited vacation, we hurry up to start cosmetic repairs. At the end of it, when we brought all the furniture back, we suddenly realize that the color range of finishing materials and a headset absolutely does not match. To avoid such a mistake, you need to think in advance and make a kitchen design plan, you can also consult with the designer or colorist. 



10.Junk in the kitchen space

The design of modern kitchens has long put minimalism, which dictates all the rules of planning. Your kitchen should not have unnecessary chest of drawers, cabinets, cupboards, sideboards, ottoman, chairs and more. Think through all the nuances in detail: how many people are in the kitchen at the same time, how much space you need to store dishes, what items of kitchen utensils you have not used for a long time and which should be cleaned or at all.