Muscle Building and Eating - Essential Guidelines For Maximum Muscle Gains

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The only muscle you haven't really stimulated so far in this routine is your calves. Find something to slightly elevate the front of your feet (a stair works fine), and do 100 total reps of calf raises. You're not using much weight, so try and feel a deep burn!You don't h

If you have a pull-up bar or acceptable substitute in your house, use that to do enough sets to equal 50 total pull-ups. If you're not good enough at the movement to do that, or if you don't have pull-up equipment, do inverted rows. You'll need to find something relatively low to the ground that allows you to pull your body horizontally.A simple, cheap, and effective tool for strength training at home is a gallon milk jug filled with water. Using this "weight," do curls and overhead extensions for high reps to work your biceps and triceps. Do as many reps as it takes to get a killer pump in your arms!