Taking Great Risks and Making Great Strides

Allowing yourself the option of eating any and every food sounds scary to the binge eater. It is counter intuitive to think we should be able to eat all the food we want. We have become programmed to think that we need to restrict our choices in order to lose weight. But what we really nee


Instead, you would be much better off following a food program that actually allows you the option to eat every food on the planet so that you will never feel deprived. Almost all plans restrict the food groups you can eat to lose weight on their plan. Once you have had to go without a certain type or types of food for a period of time, it is inevitable that you will binge on those foods. We as a species are always seeking pleasure. When there is a disconnect between what we can eat on a given plan and what we want to eat that is not on that plan, our inner strength can only hold up for so long before we cave into what our deep desires dictate for us to do and that is to give in to the forbidden foods.