Mobility Solution: Learn Which IDE To Choose To Develop Effective User-Centric App

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Learn to grasp knowledge related to IDE which you can consider using for developing a user-centric mobility solution.

In this tech-driven world, NodeJS application development is gaining momentum, it is widely used by a vast community of technology enthusiasts, programs, and developers. It offers an open-source, runtime environment for developing the network and server-side applications in JavaScript.

It's non-blocking I/O model and event-driven architecture make it ideal for developing real-time applications that run across multiple devices. If you are interested in developing the real-time application for your business, then you need to hire a professional developer who has hands-on experience in developing the application on this advanced platform. Listed below are the names of major IDEs for NodeJS application development. Most of these IDEs support multiple platforms like Linux, Windows, and OSX.

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Some of the IDEs are dedicated to a specific programming language while others IDEs support multiple languages. NetBeans, Eclipse, Xcode, Xojo, and CodeEnvy are some examples of modern IDEs. Now let's focus on some IDEs that can be used for NodeJS applications. Everyone is aware that NodeJS has successfully captured the mainstream technology market as many large scale companies such as SAP, Yahoo!, IBM, Walmart, and many others are using it.


Atom editor offers the built-in package management that assists in getting all advanced features in a modern JavaScript Text editor. This IDE is highly modular, which means the developer can easily use it once it’s unraveled from the package. Apart from this, it also has built-in HiDPI support, which means now you need not have to face the issue of scaling. This editor runs on the Electron framework for developing cross-platform applications using popular web technologies.


It is an open-source IDE that has specialization in programming languages such as C, C++, JavaScript, and PHP. CodeLite fully supports NodeJS application development and has features that include NodeJS lightweight memory footprints, debugger, intelligent code completion, and compiler.


Aptana is one of the eclipse based IDE that was ‘toned down’ to focus only on popular frameworks and web applications. This IDE supports languages like Ruby on Rails, Python, HTML5, PHP, Javascript, and CSS3, which means it can help you develop and test instacart clone or any other mobility solution very efficiently using a single environment. Aptana comes with an integrated debugger that helps the developers to inspect a variable, control executions, and even set breakpoints.


It offers a variety of versions for different price variations. Codenvy offers cloud workspaces to the developers to write, debug, and run for web designers and app developers. As it offers cloud workspaces for developing teams, they can make developing code with a portable docker. This model comes in handy while configuring the runtime, SSH access, language services followed with a debugger, injecting root-privileged terminal.

Ending Note

If you want to develop the application on the NodeJS platform, then you have taken the right decision, because there are a lot of testing tools, IDEs, and frameworks available for NodeJS application development. Many of the applications developers are available in the market who can perform this task for you as they are presently working to build an array of useful applications using NodeJS framework.