Spend Romantic Moments at Astounding Nelliyampathy Hill Station

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While your honeymoon in Kerala, you must visit the scenic and heavenly Nelliyampathy Hills. Here is the details about the popular attractions seen in Nelliyampathy.

Marriage is a holy sacrament and honeymoon makes it stronger. If marriage is divine then why don’t you think of celebrating your most important days in Kerala, the ‘God’s Own country’. The picturesque landscapes, untouched nature and its resources, melodious chirps of birds and wild roars of animals and many more turn it out to be a garden of Eden for the newly married couples. The state offers a plate of various choices to celebrate romantic days such as the hill stations, beaches, backwaters, and so on. It is upon the taste of the couples to select the best from the list. If speaking about Nelliampathy, the region turns out to be one of the captivating hill stations not only for adventure travellers but also for newly married couples to enjoy their honeymoon. Nelliyampathy is situated in the Palakkad district. The district is particularly famous for conserving rare wonders of nature. The moment you enter Palakkad the cool breeze of untouched nature will lure your minds. There are many mind-blowing attractions in the district that will steal your mind. So take care of your mind while traversing the below paragraphs.

Nelliyampathy, one of the most beautiful hill stations in the state is situated in the Nenmara town in Palakkad district. It shares its boundary with Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu and Palakkad district of Kerala and acts as a connecting bridge between these two states. It also protects the hills of height ranging from 467 m to 1572 m. The hill station is famous for orange cultivation and you with your beloved can walk through the teak trees seen abundantly in a large area of land. You could spot rare wild species such as porcupine, monkeys, deer, leopards, and so on. It shelters more than 50 species of colourful butterflies and various types of birds. Along with them, you can click romantic pictures with tea and coffee meadows as the backdrops. If you are a trek lover Padagiri peak would be best for you. By reading the below lines you could gain much knowledge about the important sightseeing places in this hill station.

Pothundy Dam

If you are starting your trip from Cochin International Airport you will have to first come across the famous Pothundy dam. This dam dates back to the colonial era and it was constructed on the banks of Padippuzha and Meenchadypuzha. It is believed that the walls of the dam were moulded by the mixture of jaggery and lime without using any proportion of cement. More than the romantic lovers the dam serves to be a favourite location for movie makers. The alluring beauty of the dam propels the travellers to spend their quality time in the arms of Mother Nature. The dam also shelters a reservoir for various types of fishes and angling is practised in a wide manner. The lucky couples can also participate in the Nenmara Vallengi Vela festival conducted on the shores of the dam. It is always said that without visiting the Pothundy dam the Nelliyampathy trip will not be complete. And do you know the reason for it? When you stand on the top of the dam you can catch the scintillating views of Nelliyampathy on the left side.


Is there anyone who does not like to see the peacock dancing in rain? If you are a true lover of peacocks then do not waste time move to Mayailadumpara and catch the astounding images of peacocks in various posture. I bet you will be tired of clicking the amusing pictures of peacocks in your camera. Wake up early in the morning and proceed to Choolanur Peacock sanctuary in Mayiladumpara and enjoy the beautiful dances of the stunning peacocks. It is said that the Choolanur Peacock sanctuary is the only place where you can spot the rare and endangered species of peacocks.

Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary

When you visit the fascinating Nelliyampathy hill station do not forget to visit the Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary. The sanctuary is nestled between Anamalai hills of Tamil Nadu and Nelliyampathy hills. It shelters nearly 1100 species of insects, various coloured butterflies, and reptiles including mugger crocodiles, and animals like sloth bear, sambhar, leopard, Nilgiri langur and so on. Birds such as Nilgiri wood pigeons, black-capped kingfishers, and green woodpeckers and many more are seen in large numbers.  Along with the wildlife the sanctuary shelters tribal communities like Malasar, Kadar and Muduvar.

Kesavan Para

Do you watch Malayalam movies? If so do you remember the astounding hill called Kesavan para from where the entire Palakkad town could be seen? The hill has acted the main role in many Malayalam movies. The view from the Kesavan para is really speechless. Nature lovers not only could catch the amazing views of the town but also of the cascading waterfalls, and green plantations and so on. The mind-blowing hill is situated at a distance of 30 km from Nenmara village.

Seethakundu Waterfalls

Seetharkundu waterfall is situated on the way to the Nelliyamapathy peak. The waterfall has a small relationship with the holy book Ramayana. During 14 periods of exile, the Lord Rama with his wife and brother stayed in the premises of the waterfalls. It is believed that during those days the Sita Devi used to bathe in the Gayathri River near to the waterfall. So when you visit the Nelliyampathy do not forget to visit the dazzling waterfall for spending some romantic moments with your better half. The picture-perfect landscape and lush green forest near the waterfall gives a perfect canvas for serene and beautiful nature.

If you are lured by the beauty of Nelliyampathy book the cheapest honeymoon packages to Kerala from your preferred travel operator. The place not only fills your mind with memorable moments but also empty your pockets by showcasing both edible and non-edible products to you. When you return from Nelliyampathy do not forget to purchase the products of tea, cardamom, and coffee. As mentioned earlier the hill is a paradise for orange cultivation, therefore you can buy oranges in bulk quantity at cheap prices.