5 ideas to get perfect wow compliments on salwar suit and kameez.

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Have you ever felt envious of that one person in your office who seems to always garner appreciation and compliments from everyone around? No matter what she dresses in, she always looks her best.  Admit it, you want to be her:  Effortlessly elegant and flawlessly stylish. Well, stop feeling sorry for yourself and start following these ideas! Here is your guide to becoming the Diva of your crowd! 

  1. Shop for the right salwar suit and salwar kameez:

 That latest frilly salwar kameez that has been hanging on the shop window might be just the right one for you, but how would you know?  You have to see if the colors flatter your tone, the cut suits your body, and the material compliments your features.  For instance, anarkalis suit all body types. However, while palazzos look exceptionally chic, they wouldn’t suit ladies on the shorter end of the spectrum. 


  1. Be cognizant of the time to wear salwar suit and salwar kameez:

Time of an event should determine the shade of your clothes.  Pastel colors salwar suit and kameez look best during daylight, they make you look bright and cheerful.  The latest salwar suits and kameez that fit and flare or has embellishments with net or embroidery looks great in pastel shades. However, nighttime calls for darker tones.  There are versatile colors like red and black that make you look gorgeous, especially in the evenings.


  1. The details are dependent on the occasion:

Our wardrobe is slowly expanding to include elegant salwar kameez suitable for office days.  You would not want to wear a heavy-work salwar suit and kameez to office days.  Nor should you wear a plain classy piece to the extravagant weddings India is known for.  Choose your fashion keeping the occasion firmly in mind.


  1. The beauty lies in the fabric of salwar suit and salwar kameez:

Imagine a sweltering summer evening, you are dressed in your best and latest salwar suit and salwar kameez – unfortunately, you are also sweating, and a sweat stain is growing slowly but steadily.  Not the best image, is it?  It is extremely important to choose the material that suits the season.  For instance, cotton salwar suit and kameez, poly cotton salwar suit and kameez, and net offer breathability.  Similarly, choose a perfect material salwar suit and kameez that drapes well on your body.


  1. Give online shopping for salwar suit and kameez a chance:

While it makes sense for you to choose your clothing by having a chance to feel and wear it, it also makes you vulnerable to losing out on the latest fashion in salwar suits.  Buy them online, be daring enough to experiment, and above all, maintain the trendy you throughout the season!

It is imperative for one to choose their salwar suit keeping the occasion and the body type of the wearer in mind.  While all the latest salwar suit fashion might look good on hangers, not all would suit your needs or look.  Let us keep these ideas for salwar suit and kameez in mind next time we shop!