How to Lose Weight Fast in 3 Days

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This is not only helpful for tracking your progress but down the road this will be a great tool for motivating you to stick with it.

Your body simply cannot handle that drastic ofGutamin 7 a change. Your body will go into starvation mode and the moment you even sniff a piece of bread, the weight will all come tumbling back. Not to mention that your immune system is compromised in the process. No, it is better to make small changes that will allow you to lose one or two pounds a week. Not only will this be something you can stick with, you won't have any nasty side affects.

Whatever program you join, no matter what way you choose to burn fat, write it down. It can be a food journal where you write down each type of food you eat and when. Some people keep an exercise log to track their progress as they become more fit. And a lot of people simply keep a journal about their feelings during a weight loss journey.

Whether you choose to join a gym or lose weight at home, balance is the key to any successful program. Start small, mix up your cardio and your weight training. A lot of people choose to rotate days by the type of exercise or the parts of the body. For example, many people do cardio three days a week, weights three days a week and have one day for rest. Other people do lower body one day, upper body the next, mix in cardio and abs where appropriate. Whatever system works for you is perfect. It's all about something you enjoy and something that makes sense.

Your best bet to great weight loss is a balance of exercise. You need cardio to boost your heart rate, you need to target all the major muscle groups and you need to include stretching, and balance to complete the picture. Spot training doesn't work. If you want to lose those dreaded love handles, you need to work out your entire body. As your shape widdles down, so will your mid section.


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