Comfortable Standing power wheelchair for the disabled

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The standing power wheelchair is of four different types ranging at different prices.

It is tough for people who are disabled to move; they need someone to support them to get up or sit, the Stand Up Wheelchair makes it easier for them.

Various types of wheelchair that Foldwheel provides you:

Foldable mobility scooter

Lightweight power wheelchair

Lightweight standing wheelchair

Stairs climbing wheelchair

Lightweight manual wheelchair

These are the various wheelchair that the Foldawheel company offers you. They have noted many peoples problems and made this different wheelchair. These wheelchairs are very handy for people. The standing power wheelchair is of four different types ranging at different prices. They are:

Lightest standing wheelchair

Semi-power standing wheelchair

Standing power wheelchair

Electric standing wheelchair

The wheelchairs mentioned above have various features in it. The highest ranged electric standing wheelchair has a fully powered lie-down, stand, sit and recline position. It has LED graphics display for precise user control. It can adjust automatically when going for the standing position for the safety of the person. It has an energy saving LED light which you can use during the night. It has an adjustable leg length and also a seat depth to fit the person with different leg length. The wheelchair has motorised wheels in the centre to ensure tight turning radius off 66cm.

They also provide you with an adjustable footrest for when you go for the standing position at various stages. An H shaped headrest and a spring suspension are on the wheelchair so that you feel comfortable when there is a rough way. It has a joystick on the tip of the armrest to adjust the wheelchair. The wheelchair also comes with two batteries which can go up to 30 km/hr.

The company provides you with two years warranty and support service, and in case you want to return the product you have to notify the company ten days from the arrival date. The buyer will be responsible if there is any damage during the trial period.

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