What happiness can Animal Crossing New Horizons bring to players?

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Many people don’t know that Animal Crossing is actually a 19-year-old Sims video game. Here, people can conduct rich social interaction and DIY furniture design to enrich their daily life. The most important thing is that players can use Animal Crossing Bells or ACNH Nook miles Ticket to trade in the game. The financial system in the game makes people feel that it is no different from the financial system in real life.

The daily game content of most players is fishing, planting flowers, and chatting with villagers. It is very successful as a casual game. After entering ACNH, players can create their own characters and find an island to name them. However, players should note that once their character names and island names are determined, it cannot change them. Besides these, players can also live in the southern hemisphere or northern hemisphere in the game map.

After each unknown player enters the game, there will be two recent residents staying on their island for a period to attract more people and increase the island’s popularity. These distinctive residents will leave the island when they are bored. Players can also ACNH Buy Bells to buy the bridges needed to connect unfamiliar parts of the island. It is to keep these two lovely residents.

After the players officially live on the island, they need to complete some tasks every day to obtain Nook Miles to maintain their daily needs. When the number of players' Nook Miles reaches a certain amount, you can redeem the Nook miles Ticket necessary to go to the mysterious island. Many players will put their fossils or ancient things into the museum for exhibition. Some people will also take good care of the flowers and trees they planted to make their islands look better. When players need less than inventory, they can sell extra fish or flowers in exchange for the necessary Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells in the game. Players also need these currencies to support the cost of the next island expansion.

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