Become a pro rider of Uber by improving your ratings

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This piece of knowledge will acknowledge you about the tips and tricks which will help you to improve the ratings of your Uber profile.

It really does not matter where you are on the scale of rating, it can be always improved. You just need to follow some tips to improve your ratings and become a top-rated driver. Here are some tips for the same

Always choose the correct pick-up and drop-off points

If you choose narrow alleys or crowded spaces, the Uber drivers may face a lot of difficulty reaching to your place and the company really don't want to provide you with the sub-optimal experience for you and the company's driver partners. So, always choose an accessible pickup and drop off location to enjoy an ideal trip.

Keep calm and wait for your ride patiently

At times, the driver of Uber get stuck in the heavy traffic jams. These professional drivers try their best to reach your location as soon as possible, avoid calling them again and again as it may cause a great problem for them and things like this are beyond the control of the drivers. 

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You should trust the technology and accept the suggested route

You should, first of all, have faith in the technology and trust the driver that they will taek you with the correct route. The route shown in the driver's app is always correct and it is optimum to your destination. It is not sure that the route taken by the driver is the shortest but it is less time-consuming. Well, going from a different route might increase your fare also.

Pay only what it shows on the app

There may be a chance that the fare estimation during the time of booking a cab service with app may be different and could be different after the completion of the trip. This may be due to the heavy traffic, tolls and change in the destinations. The driver partner has nothing to do with this. So, avoid having a hot-talk with the driver for the same and do your payment gently. If you feel any issue regarding the payment, kindly get in touch with the company and stop troubling the driver.

Never go with the unscheduled stops

You can use the multiple stop feature if you have to take a break in between during your trip, you can also change your final destination by using the change destination option. But one thing that we should remember is that it may also change the fare, which may be higher than the fare that it was showing during the time of booking.

Always choose the right product

If you have 4 people to travel then you should always choose a service which provides you with comfortable service. In this case, going with Uber XL is the best option.

Pay for your fare

The driver partners of Uber earn a genuine and honest living through the payments made by the customers. Never refuse to pay the fare. It is a violation of the rules and regulations of our policy and might also bar you to enjoy our amazing services.

These were the unbeatable and very useful tips which can improve your ratings in a great way. Remember that if an Uber rider’s rating gets down below the company’s threshold and stays there for a long time then the company might also have to terminate the account of the user.