What Type of Website is perfect for your Business? The Guide to Choose The Best!

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There are different types of web pages and, depending on the type of online business you want to do, one or the other will be better.

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Usually, when you talk about the types of web pages that exist, you associate it with the functionality that the page will have, right?

Well, although this is true, it must also be recognized that both the design of the website and the content will play a crucial role in each type of website. Therefore, you should ask yourself: What type of website does your business need?

There are blogs, e-commerce, portals, portfolios and brochures etc. There are many options in the market for web design and development!

It is necessary for you to know what each of them offers and when it is more convenient for you than the other.

Since a large part of the success you achieve depends on this, both at brand level, web positioning and, most importantly, conversions and achieving benefits for your company.

So, do you have to consult a magic ball to make the decision? Unless you have fortune-telling skills, it is in your best interest to read this entire article that I have prepared for you so that, in the end, you will be clear about which type of website is suitable for you and which is not.

Business And Company Website

Business or company websites are very popular and useful for any company, and should not be confused with e-commerce pages, which I will define later.

This type of page is usually a place for customers to contact the company any day of the week and 24 hours a day, so it is not oriented towards purchases, but rather to answer questions so that customers can leave comments and to show what the company offers.

Not to be confused with online stores, company and business websites focus on strengthening the business, expanding the brand and building customer loyalty.

These types of web pages are vital in these times for those who are looking to make a name for themselves in the local market, since a physical store is not enough.

But they must create a website where customers can see what the company does and be able to contact them. In addition, this type of website is a great magnet to attract new customers.

A basic business website should contain, apart from the home page, an "about us" section, a contact page and a page showing what the company offers, such as its best products and services.

Services Website

The web pages of services have the particularity that they have an insistent CTA (call to action), since the purpose of this type of web is that the reader or user agrees to register on the page to contract a service that is offered.

Service websites are pages that focus and show, in a very attractive way, a particular service and how to contract it.

You should not confuse this type of web page with portfolio pages. How to differentiate them? Well, while it is true that they look alike, a portfolio page is less aggressive than a service page.

Service web pages are like bombarding the user to accept and enjoy the service, while the portfolio is a type of cover letter, more informative and, although persuasive, it is not primarily intended to get customers.

Perhaps, you can quickly define which is a service page and which is not, if by entering all the pages of the same website you get an insistent CTA (sometimes annoying for the reader) that invites you to use a service as soon as possible.

Creating effective CTAs is an art, and in another article, I'll explain how to create perfect calls to action (CTAs).

Online Store And e-commerce

Online web stores have been in the boom in recent years.

The biggest reference of this type of web pages is perhaps Marketplaces, such as Amazon or eBay, but the fact is that most of the new projects, from this era that are appearing on the Internet, are focused on e-commerce or electronic commerce.

Why? Well, it's worth the moment to say that online shopping is one of the most popular ways to buy these days and that is why there are more and more e-commerce websites and online stores.

Online stores are very popular nowadays, since most businesses that have a physical store have chosen to extend their services and products to electronic commerce.

If this is your case, you already know that you must have a design of the online web store that is easy to navigate and that, in general terms, offers the option of buying and being able to pay on the website in the simplest possible way.

Obviously, many other things are needed on an e-commerce website, so you have to be clear that it has to be very dynamic and adapt to inventory changes that the store makes from time to time.

In addition, it must be attractive, strategic to show the products and their reviews have a basket where the customer can collect what they are going to buy.

And be very, very secure, with high-level security encryption, to protect the page web, and customer data, and prevent hackers and intruders from cheating financial information stored on the web.

The main objective of your company is to sell directly on the Internet? Then you need an e-commerce website or online store!

Having an e-commerce will expand your horizons and, if you already have a physical store, then you will reach more customers and you can improve your sales.

This I discussed in more detail in another article where I talked about how to start an online business on the Internet.

The possibilities that a web page of this type gives you are endless, so it requires a job done with love, patience and good planning.

Online Booking Platform

Reservation web pages are a very popular type of pages too. Does Booking.com sound familiar to you? Booking.com is perhaps the world's most famous booking page, specializing in hotel reservations.

If you offer lodging, car rental, guided tours, have a restaurant that accepts online orders or similar businesses, then your ideal website is a reservation page.

These types of web pages are, like e-commerce, very dynamic, and with basic functions that allow the customer to choose the service/product, book it and pay for the reservation.

Also, if, for example, your business sells food, you have to include the ways in which it is delivered, such as associating with Uber Eats as most of the world's most popular food establishments are doing.

What I am trying to tell you is that a services page has many possibilities which are geared towards a good user experience since you reserve and get what you are looking for in a few steps, and from your computer or mobile device.

You should not only limit yourself to selling pizzas in a traditional pizzeria, but also offer customers the ability to order their pizza from home or work, choose it via the web, pay for it and receive it in a few minutes.

This is what a booking page is all about, basically. The shipping, payment and menu type, as it is left by the company.

Obviously, it is something different with car or lodging reservations, but the principle remains the same, that there is a partnership with other companies and add-ons or third-party systems are included to improve and expand your opportunities.

Commercial Web Brochure

Brochure web pages are exactly that, a brochure. What do you find in a company brochure? Its mission and vision, and how to contact the company. It's that easy!

The commercial brochure type web pages are the simplest of all and have very few sections to briefly show the company and its means of contact.

Within the web types, the brochure types are the simplest since they consist of a few pages that strategically show who you are, what your experience is, what you offer and where you can be contacted.

If you need to tell the world 'here I am' or 'I exist', by having a brochure web page you will be able to mark territory in your niche, improve your online presence and give your customers a direct message. Is this what urges you? Then choose a brochure website!

Membership Pages

Membership pages are characterized by their offers, content and subscription. They have a simple subscription system that collects customer data, stores and processes it, and through which the customer can quickly pay for an offer or service.

In general, they are pages that show products and services, they have the function of creating an account or logging in to the platform, leaving details of an account or credit card and receiving billing.

Membership web pages are pages, focused exclusively on offering a service and where subscribing to it is as quick and easy as possible.

These days one of the platforms that leads the membership pages is Netflix. If you log into Netflix, it will prompt you for an email address, then select a membership plan, enter a password, and choose a payment method, such as PayPal or Stripe.

 Everything is fast, straightforward and simple! This is how this type of website works.

Of course, there are also free membership web pages, or where the user pays only for certain content.

Be that as it may, the membership pages have the particularity that their content is interesting and very attractive, as well as informative,for the reader, which is why people decide to be members of it to continue enjoying the content provided and get a service.

Conclusion: Choose The Type of Website According To Your Goals!

If you still don't have a website, I recommend you consider everything I've told you here before making a decision.

Choosing what type of website you need for your company will depend on the goals you have in the short, medium and long term.

You, better than anyone, know the purpose of your business and how you want to show your brand to the world.

A web page is not a simple site where you can show content, gain subscribers and sell things, but it is the cover letter of your business, who you are and what you offer.

Come up with a fabulous page that is easy to navigate, accommodates the operations you need to have and is modern and visually appealing.

Then, find a professional who will make your dreams come true and who can help you to manage it without much trouble.

The rest, dear reader, will come in addition, because if users are comfortable with your website, they will have a good experience and that will translate into being more active.