Various Ways through which you can Access iCloud Photos On PC

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In this blog we have discussed the various ways through which you can access icloud photos on pc

Now most often the frequently asked question about using iCloud and iCloud Photo Library is how to download pictures from iCloud once deposited there. This is a disappointingly easy issue, and we will set aside any of the complexities of access icloud photos on PC, iPhone and iPad Photos app,Instead, we'll demonstrate you the most straightforward way to download a image from iCloud to your desktop, as that's what individuals generally want to do.

There are several method by which you can access iCould photos on PC, We are discussing each of the method and steps how you can download the photos on your computer.


Steps to Access iCloud photos on IOS Devices

First we will see how you can access photos from iPhone directly, let us discuss the steps how you can access the photos directly from iPhone.

  • Open a web browser, go to and log in as usual with your Apple ID.
  • Turn on Photo Stream and see your own iCloud photos.
  • Start the "Photos" app at the bottom of the screen and press the "Photo Stream" button.
  • You can also click on the upper right corner of the "Camera Roll" or "Albums" button to make the Photo Stream button visible if the button is not found.
  • To see the photos you uploaded, tap "My Photo Stream."



Steps to access iCloud Photos on Mac or PC


  • Go to and login as normal and go as usual to "Photos"
  • Scroll down the All Photos album and click the "Select All Photos" button at the top of the iCloud Photos bar.
  • Hold down the Shift key and click the very last picture of the album, this should select every picture from the All Photos album as shown in the iCloud Photos bar "WXYZ products selected"
  • Now select the yellow "Download" important at the bottom of the iCloud Photos bar with all iCloud Photos images selected.
  • Confirm you want to download all selected photos (this can be hundreds or thousands) and click "Download"