Various Different Ways to Stop Losing Hair at an Alarming Rate

Do herbal hair loss products really work. Well, some of them seem to. But, it could just be the placebo effect. Placebos are inactive substances that are used in clinical research to compare to the results seen when volunteers are given an active or an inactive substance. In the best contr


It has been recommended for men for many FolicileRX Review years, because of the benefit to the prostate gland. Instead of blocking DHT production, it prevents it from adhering to the hair follicles and the cells of the prostate gland. As far as home remedy hair loss alternatives go, saw palmetto is one of the best. But, some supplement manufacturers go a few steps further by adding in nutrients that are often missing from a man's diet.

They make supplements for women, too. But, they contain different ingredients. The experts warn that most baldness treatments are ineffective aside from the placebo effect; people think they are working. In order to be sure that you've gotten your money's worth, take a picture. Pictures, patience and proven treatments are the three Ps of baldness treatments.

The pictures allow you to actually see the results. If you can't get the right angle, ask a friend or your barber for help. You need patience, because the hair-producing follicles go through cycles. Whether you are trying a home remedy hair loss drugs or even implants, you will need to wait several months to see real results. It takes a year or two to see optimal results. It's hard to wait a year or two for something that you have to pay for on a regular basis. But with pictures, especially if you can get a magnified shot, you may be able to see fine hairs starting to grow in within a few weeks.

That's if you have chosen a proven treatment. Research indicates that saw palmetto is about as effective as the drug finasteride. So, that's a proven treatment. While it might not be considered a home remedy, hair loss reversal can be achieved in more than 50% of all cases with a topically applied solution called Minoxidil. You may have seen it advertised as Rogaine. Upjohn's patent expired several years ago. Therefore, the generic form is now available and costs a lot less. Minoxidil is available without a prescription and has proven effectiveness. Some manufacturers provide a more complete approach by including a combination herb and nutritional supplement, designed specifically for a man or a woman.