Must Have Features in Customer Engagement Platform

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Customer Engagement Platforms can solve your issues when it comes to providing a better user experience. Know the methods of maintaining a healthy relationship with your users and improve the customer lifecycle value here.

Fundamentally customer success is all about keeping them happy and satisfied so that they keep on purchasing from you. To keep your users happy, you need proper nurturing along with a consistent value proposition. If you are able to deliver quality products or services and maintain a healthy relationship with them, your revenue will grow quite fast.


However, the problem begins when you have to track every step of your users through the customer journey. You need to identify the touchpoints that generate the maximum engagement along with your audience segments according to your marketing communications. Consequently, you would need a versatile customer engagement platform to provide seamless communication to them without undermining their preference for customized products.


Still, implementing just any customer engagement platform would not solve all your issues with dealing with your users unless you know the methods of leveraging it.  Other than helping you with onboarding, activation, and retention of your users, it should help you to improve the consumer lifecycle by shaping your marketing strategies around it.


To help with making a choice for the right customer engagement platform, we bring you a few features that you must look for when adopting one. These are:



  • Simplify the profiling of your customers


Profiling your user database is one of the complex tasks and it can make or break any marketing campaign. A formidable CEP would help you to identify the multiple facades of user-profiles from your database, and help you to visualize their journey better. Creating distinguished user profiles would help you to monitor and manage your campaigns better and improve their performances over time.



  • Understand consumer lifecycle value for easier revenue forecasting


Having a huge number of converted users is a bonus, but handling their data and accounts is a massive ask too. Thus, having a platform that helps you to gather and consolidate user data from multiple marketing channels and understand the revenue impact is crucial. Moreover, it should have artificial intelligence-based automation so that you keep on delivering your brand communication with consistency.



  • Understands the choices and preferences of your customers


The platform you choose must be equipped to consider the user preferences and interests and use them to create engaging marketing campaigns. It should identify the relevant segments and match the user profiles accordingly to create a seamless flow of communication that improves user experience and engagement.



  • Supports associated sales and CRM pipeline


Not only your marketing portfolio, but the platform must also support the sales and CRM functions for your brand too. Having such a capability would help you to predict user behavior and provide them with communication as per their anticipation. Having custom-integration with your current CRM platform is particularly helpful here. 


Ending note


Customer Engagement Platform helps you to maintain a healthy relationship with your users, without wasting efforts towards acquiring new ones after every sale cycle. A platform that allows you to carry it out would help you to build retention and generate better lifecycle value from your users. Conversely, it will help your users to find more value in your products and services and improves their overall experience with your brand.