Have You Heard that Power Washers Can Soft Wash?

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If your home exterior is accumulating mildew or algae, or dirty in general, you may be wondering what to do? The soft washing method of pressure washing could be the answer. But you need to find a professional company that knows what they're doing. If you're trying to find the best power washing near me, make sure you select an experienced contractor with the right capabilities. Many people only know about high-pressure washing, which removes surface contaminants from concrete some stone surfaces. But for siding and many other surfaces, soft washing is what's needed for cleaning.

All power washing requires pressurized water (known as PSI) and is highly effective for removing contaminants from a range of exterior surfaces. But different pressure levels are needed depending on what s being washed. Besides concrete cleaning, high pressure, for example, is excellent for removing loose paint. It can be a time saver and help make a surface ready for a fresh paint job. Concrete more than three years old is an ideal candidate for a high-pressure wash. When done by trained experts, concrete driveways and walkways can be power washed and made to look like new.

When it comes to soft washing the exteriors of homes and businesses, a lower PSI is used, and the results are remarkable. Years of accumulated surface contaminants – even mildew and algae – can be washed away quickly, and curb appeal gets an immediate boost. Homeowners are the ones who most often hire pressure washing companies, but businesses stand to benefit significantly as well. People make judgments based on many factors, and when businesses have pristine buildings, it gives people good impressions. Also, if you're planning a grand opening celebration, power wash your building first.

If your driveway and walkways need cleaning, then high-pressure washing comes into play and is an excellent method. It blasts away dirt, grime, algae, and mildew, leaving your concrete pristine. It is also important to note that pressure washing does not remove oil or oil-based products. Back to the topic of soft washing, the softest wash is ideal for roof cleaning. On many buildings, a roof can be the most visible element, and when it becomes stained and streaked with algae and mildew, it needs to be cleaned. Think of professional pressure washing as an investment – it restores value to real estate.