Easy HP Printer Setup

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When you brought brand new HP printer the biggest question that comes in your mind will be, How to set up the HP printer?

Before this, we would like to know the type of The HP Printer you bought. You will find many types of HP printer with different model and working process but, in general, you will find two types of HP Printer-

  1. HP printer wired.
  2. HP printer wireless.

Just, go through this blog and we will guide you for both the situations of HP printer setup-

  • Wired HP printer setup.
  • Wireless HP printer setup

If you don't have much technical knowledge and want quick action for your queries related to HP printer then you can directly contact at HP Printer support number +1-800-656-0360 (toll-free).

You won`t find much difference and difficulties in the HP printer setup between wired HP printer and wireless HP printer.

So, let start with

Wired HP printer Setup.

You can find it quite easy and can be performed in a few steps like-

Step1- After unboxing your HP printer keep it near the computer and power source. In very short make sure to keep your printer within the range of cable reach.

Step2- Plug in your HP Printer into the switchboard and switch on the button, and now check the power supply by pressing the ‘ON' button in the printer.

Step3- Now connect your HP printer with Computer through USB slot, simply insert printer data cable into the USB slot of computer and switch on your computer.

Step4- Change the setting in your computer according to the HP printer model.

Step5- In advanced, fix HP printer ink and paper part (it varies according to the model of printer, colored printer or black and white printer). And now for put ink and pages in the printer.

Step6- Now give a “GO “command for color or black and white printing.

In these simple 6 steps, you are able to fix your wired HP printer Setup.

Now, let move forward to

Wireless HP printer setup.

This is simple but more towards the technical part of the computer.

Step1- after unboxing your brand new wireless HP printer, fix all the part and apply power source in it.

Step2-in case your printer connects with Bluetooth instead of WI-FI, the steps may differ a bit. So, don't forget to check the capability of your wireless printer.

Move forward:

Step3- start your computer and go for the setting option.

Step4- select the name of your wireless HP printer model on your computer.

Step5- make sure to start your wireless HP Printer and keep in the connecting range according to the computer.

Step6- Your printer will be showed online in your computer, and to make it confirm five a “GO” command.

Now finally, you are done with HP printer setup, whether it is wired or wireless. 

And, in case you find any difficulties in the HP printer setup, just contact at HP printer support Number +1-800-656-0360 (Toll-Free).

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  • 24 hours available.
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  • Many more to count.

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