Valuing Trophies and Awards for Winners

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Without rewards, we might not know the limit of our abilities and may not be able to stand where we are today. It persists us from dreaming big and even bigger.

In a world where people lack appreciation, people tend to forget how different we are from others. With just a way of rewarding excellence, we continue to strive harder every day. Without rewards, we might not know the limit of our abilities and may not be able to stand where we are today. It persists us from dreaming big and even bigger. It shapes us on whom we aspire ourselves to be
Where do rewards and trophies are frequently used?

It is no surprise that rewarding system is frequently used in society. Be it in a sports competition, schools, workplace, other contests.

1. Schools
Rewarding students especially young ones are very important at school. It develops their personality and self-esteem. Winning trophies and awards are extrinsic motivations that they will get if they work hard, making them more confident, giving their very best in everything that they do. It is also a way to change a certain behavior of the students, knowing that if they did something good, there's a reward to follow.

2. Sports competition and other contests
Trophies and awards are a set goal for every athlete. It defines who are the best of the best in their respective fields. Trophies won during a sports competition drove off all their sweat and tears away. It is more than the trophies that are worth keeping but also the memories and hardships behind the awards.

3. Workplace
Awards and incentives earn in the workplace bring an eagerness to continue working every day. It means that you did something that is worth recognizing at work. It also increases productivity and work quality.


The value of Rewarding Winners with Awards and Trophies

1. A symbol of success for everyone

2. It sets us apart from other people - Everyone here in this world is diverse. The innate intelligence within ourselves is different for everyone. Something inside us is worth rewarding.

3. It builds a foundation on how we see life with enthusiasm
Having a sense of dignity on the thought that something inside us is worth rewarding. It keeps us from finding more opportunities, trying new ways and seeking new avenues finding a trait or a skill that will make us distinct from a group of people.

4. Extrinsic motivation or positive reinforcement
Setting a goal to achieve is more worthy, especially if we work hard for it

5. It challenges oneself to step out in our comfort zone that others are afraid to do.

What kind of rewards are commonly used?
The trophy is the most common form of award given. Medals, plaques, certificates and many more are also available to show appreciation and commend talented individuals in our society.

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